The Links Program classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:45 pm.

First Year Experience: General Education is a 1-credit course that prepares students for college by focusing on motivation, time management, organizational and study skills.

First Year Experience: Career Exploration is a 1-credit course that provides an in-depth evaluation of interests, skills, and career opportunities.

Explorations in Science is a 3-credit introductory hands-on science course that will familiarize students with chemistry, biology, energy and environmental issues.

Preparation for College Math, Basic Writing, or both courses will be offered depending on a student's placement test scores.

Students have the opportunity to meet weekly in study groups and to have on-going contact with the Links Coordinator during the semester.

Field trips are taken in connection with both the Career Exploration Seminar and Explorations in Science. Use the link below to read about the science field trip.

Explorations in Science Field Trip

Last Modified: 6/10/16