MCC Learning Communities

Learning communities are two highly interactive courses with the same students and the same instructors, usually focused on a theme. Fully integrated learning communities join two or more team-taught courses as if they were one larger class. Linked learning communities thematically connect two separate courses through shared assignments and activities and the faculty meet outside of class to coordinate. Make an appointment with an advisor today!

If you decide to enroll in a learning community, you will

  • earn credits for two courses
  • be more likely to do well in your courses
  • learn and study with the same group of students
  • form partnerships and teams and build a sense of community
  • work together with your classmates and your faculty in a supportive environment

Upcoming learning community:

How to Succeed in Business
How to Succeed in Business blends Introduction to Business (BUS 101) with English Composition I (ENG 101). This 6-credit course introduces students to the world of business and the necessary writing skills to be successful. In this interactive learning environment, students explore and write about the world of business, focusing on how successful businesses are operated. Students examine real-world business issues such as technology trends, current economic conditions, and business ethics. Topics include economic theories and how they affect domestic and global business activity; business ownership; organization, management, and personnel decisions; marketing theory; financial operations; and the interaction of business and society.

Students are introduced to several expository writing and research techniques and complete four major writing assignments: a summary of a business article, an analytical paper based on a series of business articles, a 5-7 page research paper on business ethics, and a business plan. This gateway course reinforces both writing and study skills to prepare students for success in upper level college courses.

Prerequisite: Eligible for ENG 101.

Last Modified: 8/2/21