IDS 120

General Education Seminar: Money Matters: Personal Finance

Course Description

This course will explore basic concepts, techniques, and strategies in personal finance and money management, with the objective of enhancing a student's financial capabilities both as a student and after college. Each student will explore and develop individual plans and options based on their current situation and future goals.
Learning Outcomes:
- Research and apply for various forms of financing for education such as financial aid, loans, scholarships, etc.
- Prepare weekly, monthly, or annual budgets to track and manage income and expenses
- Evaluate credit terms, conditions, and options for credit cards, auto loans and home mortgages
- Plan for the management of debt, the development of credit, and the building of savings and investment for personal, family, or retirement needs
- Assess insurance needs and options with respect to financial and other risks
ISLOs: This course supports student development of Quantitative Literacy, Social Responsibility, and Personal & Professional Development.

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Last Modified: 9/18/19