IDS 117

General Education Seminar: Entrepreneurial Thinking

Course Description

This interdisciplinary course will increase students? understanding of the nature of entrepreneurial thinking and focus on inspiring interest in and an understanding of innovative practices to promote creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial mindset to become a stronger student and even more competitive and relevant for the 21st century workforce. Students will analyze the entrepreneurial process from a variety of perspectives and through discussion, reflection, and activities, students will gain insight into how to think more entrepreneurially and how to incorporate innovative practices into their academic and professional pursuits.
Students will be able to:
* Practice using an entrepreneurial mindset to solve problems.
* Apply entrepreneurial principles to everyday life. 
* Evaluate and analyze opportunities to think, create, and act more innovatively. 
* Consider how intrapreneurship may impact future employment.
* Demonstrate innovative thinking by recognizing opportunity and creating something new to achieve a desirable outcome.
* Practice professional standards to communicate effectively. 
ISLOs: This course supports student development of Written and Oral Communication, Critical Thinking, and Personal and Professional Development.

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Last Modified: 9/18/19