Developing an Honors Course

Faculty have an opportunity to create Honors Options for students in the context of their regular courses through Honors Contracts. Students taking the Honors Option complete additional assignments and by their participation raise the quality of the classroom experience for everyone.

The following should be considered when submitting the Honors Option Contract:

  • Student requirement for Poster Board Presentations (materials supplied by Honors Program)
  • Objectives for the honors student to complete by the end of the course
  • Activities to accomplish course objectives: (e.g. multimedia projects, essays, journals, and online)
  • Additional meetings during the semester to discuss the student's honors work.

Contract Completion Process

The Honors Option Contract must be submitted within the first three weeks of the semester and approved by the Honors Coordinator.

At the end of the semester, the faculty member must submit the Completion Form for the Honors Option Contract in order for the designation of "Honors" to be added to the student's transcript.