Commonwealth Honors Options Contract


Faculty can create options for students to do additional course work to earn honors credit in their regular courses through Honors Option Contracts. 

The following should be considered when submitting the Honors Option Contract:

  • Objectives for the honors student to complete by the end of the course
  • Activities to accomplish course objectives: (e.g. multimedia projects, essays, journals, and online)
  • Additional meetings during the semester to discuss the student's honors work.


Contract Completion Process

The Honors Option Contract must be submitted within the first four weeks of the semester and approved by the Director of the Commonwealth Honors Program. Contracts for summer terms must be submitted by the end of the second week of the summer session.

At the end of the semester, the faculty member must submit the Honors Contract Completion Form to the Honors Office in order for the designation of "Honors" to be added to the student's transcript.

Contracts and Completion forms must be sent to the Commonwealth Honors Office at or mailed to Commonwealth Honors Program, Middlesex Community College, Building 9, Bedford, MA 01730.  Please note, email is the preferred method of contact, thank you.

Last Modified: 7/28/20