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Studying abroad is a one of the most enriching opportunities you can have while in college. Becoming a global citizen by exploring other cultures is a great way to learn more about yourself, your own academic interests, and cross-cultural issues.  In today's global economy, studying abroad gives you an edge and can be essential to success in a variety of professions.


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Study Abroad in Japan

LondonJoin Asian Religions professor Livia Kohn for an in-depth, in-country course on the history, culture, and current state of the religions of Asia as seen through the shrines, temples, pal-aces, and holy mountains of Japan. Gain a new level of understanding of Asian culture by immersing yourself in Japanese lifestyle to learn first-hand about the unfolding of its religions in history.

This study abroad may be taken for 3 credits of REL 102 Religions of Asia


Dates: June 10-24, 2017

For more information contact:

Dona Cady, Dean of Global Education,


Additional Study Abroad Opportunities

CIEE - The world is your classroom at CIEE.  A nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, CIEE is the world leader in international education and exchange. For more than 65 years CIEE has helped thousands of people gain the knowledge and skills necessary to live and work in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world by offering the most comprehensive, relevant, and valuable exchange programs available. Check out their short course, semester, and internship opportunities.

CCIS Study Abroad - Check out the 80+ programs with the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) with over 31 countries from Argentina to Switzerland – summer and semester.

For more information contact   or 781-280-3678

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