Study Abroad Semester

Be a global citizen.  Consider studying abroad! 

Does Europe call?  Check out the universities below. Middlesex has agreements with Bath Spa University and University of West London for a semester abroad and B.A. transfer opportunities. 

You can study abroad for the Fall or Spring semester. Financial aid may be available as well as other scholarships including the MCC Foundation Ray Shea Memorial Scholarship for International Studies and the U.S. State Department Gilman Scholarship for study abroad 2 weeks or more.


Semester Abroad Opportunities:

Bath Spa University - Bath Spa University’s Vision is to be a leading educational institution in creativity, culture and enterprise. Through innovative teaching and research, the University will provide a high quality student experience. Based in a world heritage city and connected to a network of international partners, Bath Spa University will ensure that its graduates are socially engaged global citizens.

Estimated Semester Abroad Costs:

2015  -  Fall    Spring

 Learn more about study at Bath Spa by watching an interview with Danzel Jones, part of the first MCC cohort to study at Bath  Spa University.  The interview starts at the 9:55 mark.


University of West London - UWL has a reputation for high-quality education closely linked to employment. We aim to inspire our students to become innovative professionals, connecting them to exciting and rewarding careers. Based in the heart of one of the UK’s most successful business regions, the University has highly qualified staff with a wealth of experience in their respective disciplines and strong connections to their industries. Everything we do is designed to equip our students with both the academic knowledge and practical skills to succeed in their chosen careers.

Estimated Semester Abroad Costs:

2015 - Fall

Transfer Option:

You can also transfer to Bath Spa University and University of West London after you earn your A.A. degree at Middlesex and study for another two years to earn a B.A. with Honors.  MOU/Articulation agreements are below:

Bath Spa University

West London University

Robert Gordon University (coming soon)


There are two types of visas for students studying abroad in the UK: The Student Visitor Visa and the Student T-4 Visa.  Check out the link for more information: UK VISA requirements

For more information contact  or 781-280-3678.



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