Scholarship Information for Incoming Students

Mashu and Abu Alam Scholarship for Incoming Students (up to $7500 award)

The Alam Family wishes to support incoming MCC students with a preference for student(s) of Black/African-American or Latinx/Hispanic heritage. With this donation, the Alams hope to help hardworking students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Nursing, or other Health Career on a path to college and career success. The donors will fund up to four scholarships, with preference for either one female and one male, or two females and two males. If the recipient performs well at MCC, the donors would like to have the option to renew the student's scholarship for an additional year.


  • Incoming MCC student(s) with preference for a Black/African-American or Latinx/Hispanic student(s)
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.0
  • Intention to enroll in the following MCC programs: STEM or Health Careers
  • Intention to attend MCC as a full-time student and keep full time status during their time at MCC
  • Financial need

The Barbara B. Saloom Scholarship

The Middlesex Community College (MCC) Foundation is offering the Barbara B. Saloom Scholarship to a deserving graduating high school senior who resides within the college's service delivery area and whose potential for succeeding at the college level is often blurred by traditionally accepted measures. The intent of the award is to inspire a student who might otherwise forego the opportunity to obtain a college education.

The scholarship can be awarded for up to five academic years— two-three years at Middlesex Community College (up to a $15,000 award) and two subsequent years at any four year college of his/her choice (up to a $15,000 award) provided the student continues to be successful and adheres to the post-award requirements (listed below).

Post Award Requirements for the Saloom Scholarship:

  • Recipient must sign the Barbara B Saloom Scholarship agreement.
  • Recipient needs to carry a minimum of 9 credits per semester at Middlesex Community College.
  • Recipient must maintain a 2.0 GPA or better.
  • Funds may be used for tuition, fees, course books, related academic material.
  • Recipient will agree to meet with a designated administrator at least twice per semester at a mutually agreed upon time and place to review the recipient’s academic progress and address issues that may impact academic success.


For Questions regarding Incoming Student Scholarships, please contact:

Barbara Maglio, MCC Interim Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Relations
Ellen Grondine, MCC Dean of Education & K-16 Partnerships, Transfer & Articulation
Last Modified: 7/6/22