Flexible Studies

Middlesex Community College's Flexible Studies Department emphasizes student-centered learning, meeting students at their readiness and interest levels while recognizing their diverse backgrounds and learning preferences.

Flexible Studies offers a range of courses under the Humanities and Social Sciences Division which are taught using creative, interactive methods.  The flexibility in Flexible Studies lies in scheduling courses, pacing the learning, enrollment options, and freedom to progress.

All college level courses at Middlesex Community College award the same  credits either in the Flexible Studies Department or other MCC Departments.


  • Accelerate the learning: Complete a course early, or complete two courses in a semester.
  • Take additional time to learn: Take more than a semester to finish a course.
  • Small class sizes
  • Individualized learning

Special Features serve students with:

  • Civil or military duties
  • Self-motivation
  • Need for additional time to study topics

Flexible Studies Learning Model offers:

  • Guided individualized course work (self-pacing)
  • Mini lessons and Workshops
  • Individual conferencing between students and instructors
  • Student partners in learning and projects
  • World language conversation practice

For more information, please feel free to contact the Coordinator of Flexible Studies, Marilyn R. Glazer-Weisner, 781-280-3934 or glazerm@middlesex.mass.edu.

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Last Modified: 6/10/16