Nina Davidson, Professor of English

When it was time for me to go to college, I had no Nina Davidsonidea where to start

I didn’t know what college really was, let alone how to get there

What I had was an outdated College Board book and desire to get out

Out of the ‘hood

Out of the situational poverty that circumstance placed me in 

Out of the endless cycle of ignorance that surrounded me


I was supposed to have a guidance counselor who would help me

But my vocational school guidance counselor 

was in Russia adopting a baby when I needed help

So I helped myself

Or so I tried


I looked into expensive, private schools

Some with castles, others with Pacific Ocean views

I paid no attention to price tags. I just bought into the hype

I applied to schools across the nation, and got into all but one -

My dream school rejected me and so I decided to stay home


Staying home, as it turns out, was not an option for me

My brother’s girlfriend was in school and she was getting extra help from EOF -

the Educational Opportunity Fund

It’s a program where all the brown kids can get support and financial aid

A product of the white guilt that plagued the donors of The College


I applied, half-heartedly, and I got in

I packed my things and moved into the towers at a school

I’d never seen before move in day

I dropped my things off and left;

It was my 18th birthday and I didn’t want to spend it with strangers


Little did I know that my institution would always treat me like a stranger,

An outsider who “was only able to infiltrate their Tower because of the color of my skin”


College was not a happy time for me

But there were a few who made it worth it

Ms. Perkins and Mr. Austin, both now deceased,

Were pinnacles of light in my dark college days


Ms. Perkins was sharp-tongued, loving, and merciless

She taught us how to deal with being the only minorities in our classes

Mr. Austin was moon-faced, joy, and grace

He found grants and financial aid money when all

the money I had was not enough to cover my tuition

These two were my Caregivers when my blood family had abandoned me


I made it through college and then graduate school with little support

I worked hard and I sacrificed because I had a goal

I was the first in my family to go to college, and I won’t be the last:

My nephew is next and his sister is after him


We will become a family of college educated people

One person at a time


Name: Nina Davidson

Department: English

Title: Assistant Professor of English

Campus location: Bedford-North Academic Bldg 6 Rm 216


Phone number: 781-280-3926

Last Modified: 7/27/18