How much does it cost to attend MCC?

Attending college each year involves costs that are both direct and indirect. Direct costs, such as tuition and fees are those expenses you'll find on your semester billing statement, based on the number of classes you attend and the program of study you are enrolled. To find expenses related to the current semester, link to the Student Accounts Office for specific information on all direct expenses associated with your enrollment.

Health Insurance

Chapter 23 of the General Laws of Massachusetts requires that all students enrolled in nine (9) or more credit hours each semester participate in the College Student Medical and Accident Insurance Plan. Students who are not covered under health insurance must purchase coverage through the college at a cost of $1712.00 for the full academic year. For students attending during the spring semester, the cost is $1143.00 This requirement may be waived for students who already have comparable health insurance by completing a waiver form which can be found by clicking on the waiver link listed below.

Waiver Form

Books & Supplies

Books and related supplies are needed for each course you register and the approximate expense is listed below. While you may purchase your books in the campus bookstore, you may find that less expensive options can be found online. Additionally, you may find that sharing books with other students, using reference copies of textbooks in the library or borrowing faculty copies may be options as well to manage the high cost of textbooks.

Estimated for 12 or more credits: $450.00
Estimated for 9-11 credits: $340.00
Estimated for 6-8 credits: $230.00
Estimated for Less than 6 credits: $120.00

Indirect Expenses or Weekly Expenses

Indirect expenses are other weekly/monthly expenses you may incur while attending Middlesex Community College. When planning your budget, you should consider the following costs. Your expenses may be less. These expenses DO NOT have to be paid to the college and may be controlled through smart budgeting. The expenses listed below are yearly estimates and may be different from your expenses. They are listed to give you a general sense of indirect college costs.

Transportation (by car, carpooling or public transportation) $1320.00

Living Expenses (Rent, food, Utilities) $10495.00

Misc. Expenses (snacks/lunch on campus, cell phones, student activities, etc) $835.00



The Net Price Calculator is a tool you can use to receive an estimate of the full cost of attending Middlesex Community College and how much federal financial aid you might be eligible to receive. Federal law now requires all colleges and universities to provide this type of tool by October, 2011 so you can use it to compare costs at a variety of schools. By providing some basic financial information, this online tool can give you an estimated cost of attending Middlesex Community College, based on Massachusetts residency, referred to as “In State”. The costs used in this calculation include:

  • Direct costs you pay to the college (tuition/fees)
  • Estimated book expenses (actual book prices vary based on you major)
  • Living expenses or Room and Board (Rent, utilities and food) and estimated transportation expenses *

*Costs for Room and Board include living with parents and off campus.

It is important for you to understand what financial obligations you will incur while attending college.   However, this tool does not calculate scholarships, Massachusetts Grants and other awards.  Additionally, students who have completed any bachelors degree (four year degree program)  or its' equivalent is not eligible for ANY federal or state grant assistance. We encourage you to speak with one of our financial aid counselors about receiving financial aid.

Please note: this is only an estimate, and you must file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to receive a full analysis and award eligibility.


Last Modified: 7/27/18