New Employee Checklist: Professional Staff

Getting Started; Pre-arrival

  • Receive offer letter
  • Receive welcome packet, including necessary forms:

For Manager: Socialization

  • Email department/team/functional area of the new hire. Include start date, employee’s role, and bio. Copy the new employee, if appropriate.
  • Set up meetings with critical people for the employee’s first few weeks.
  • Arrange for lunch or a meeting with a buddy/mentor, who can provide suggestions and tips and function as a support role

For Manager: Work Environment

 For Manager: Technology Access and Related

  • Order technology equipment (computer, printer, iPad) and software.
  • Contact IT to have the system set up in advance.
  • Arrange for access to Middlenet, DegreeWorks, and Banner; send appropriate training information
  • Ensure employee has access to necessary screens for job functions




Schedule, Job Duties, and Expectations

  • Clarify the first week’s schedule, and confirm required and recommended training.
  • Provide an overview of the functional area – its purpose, organizational structure, and goals.
  • Review job description, outline of duties, and expectations.
  • Describe how employee’s job fits in the department, and how the job and department contribute to the school.
  • Review hours of work. Explain policies and procedures for overtime, use of vacation and sick time, holidays, etc. Explain any flexible work policies or procedures.


  • Be available to greet the employee on the first day.
  • Introduce employee to others in the workplace.
  • Introduce employee to his/her buddy.
  • Take employee out to lunch.

Work Environment

  • Give employee key(s) and building access card.
  • Provide department or building-specific safety and emergency information.
  • Take employee on a campus tour.
  • Explain how to get additional supplies.

Technology Access and Related

  • Provide information on setting up voicemail and computer.


Schedule, Job Duties, and Expectations

  • Give employee his/her initial assignment. (Make it something small and doable.)
  • Debrief with employee after he/she attends initial meetings, attends training, and begins work on initial assignment. Also touch base quickly each day.
  • Provide additional contextual information about the department and organization to increase understanding of the purpose, value add to MCC, goals, and initiatives.
  • Explain the annual performance review and goal-setting process.
  • Review the process related to the probationary period.
  • Ensure employee has fully functioning computer and systems access and understands how to use them.
Last Modified: 6/22/20