Portfolio Evaluation

Matriculated students who apply for academic credit through portfolio evaluation must clearly describe and document the skills, concepts and attitudes they have acquired which directly relate to courses in the Middlesex Community College academic catalog. The portfolio presentation should be compiled in such a way that an evaluator can determine the extent of learning demonstrated and the means by which it was acquired. The materials in the portfolio must contain the verifying documentation.

Credits awarded through the portfolio process are listed on the student’s transcript under “Experiential Learning Credit”. No grade is given for successful portfolio evaluation. Applicants should be aware that the review process generally takes 2 to 4 weeks. Students who plan to transfer to another college should be aware that credits received for portfolio evaluation usually do not transfer.

Contact: Robert Kaulfuss, Experiential Learning Program Coordinator

Phone: 781-280-3553

Cost: $75.00 per course

Last Modified: 8/5/12