VALOR Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy

In accordance with the VALOR Act, students may have their military experience, coursework or training reviewed to determine whether their training or actual job duties are commensurate with the content of courses offered at Middlesex Community College.   MCC uses multiple methods for evaluating military occupation, training, experience and coursework for academic credit, including the ACE Guide to the evaluation of education experiences, CLEP, DANTES (DSST), and portfolio review. All military transcripts, including SMART, ACE, AARTS, and CCAR, are reviewed for transferability of credit in accordance with our college-wide policy. A maximum of 45 credits can be applied to a degree at MCC. Credits for military experience, training and coursework that are treated as transfer credits are listed as military credit on a student's transcript. As deemed appropriate, these transfer credits may be applied toward the Mass Transfer Agreement.  Students are aware of the VALOR Act credit evaluation policy through our website, catalog, standard practices for admissions and academic counseling processes.

Contacts:  Ivette Caletz, Academic Counselor-Lowell, 978-656-3214

                   Patricia Hunt, Academic Counselor-Bedford, 781-280-3619

Cost:  None

Last Modified: 1/13/14