Challenge Exam

Matriculated students may apply for academic credit through a challenge examination. Middlesex faculty prepare and evaluate these exams only for courses listed in the Middlesex Community College catalog. Depending on the course, students may be asked to take one cumulative exam or several shorter exams on the course material. Additionally, students may be asked to write a paper, complete a project or perform laboratory experiments. Upon successful completion of the process, the course will be listed on the student’s transcript as “Departmental Examination Credit”. The student will receive credit for the course, although no grade is given. Typically students will not be allowed to take a challenge exam if another proficiency exam, such as CLEP, already exists in that subject. Students may not use challenge exams to take the place of a failure in a course they have already taken. Students who plan to transfer to another college should be aware that credits received for challenge exams usually do not transfer. Challenge exams are not available in all subject areas. Interested students should contact Robert Kaulfuss, Experiential Learning Program Coordinator to determine availability.

Contact: Robert Kaulfuss, Experiential Learning Program Coordinator

Phone: 781-280-3553

Cost: $75.00 per course

Last Modified: 8/5/12