Energy Utilities Technology Program


The Energy Utilities Technology Certificate is a 10-month program designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the electrical utility industry. The industry has forecasted a strong need for new employees in the next several years for positions such as line workers, meter workers and substation maintenance personnel. The program includes courses that give students an introduction to the energy utilities industry; knowledge of direct and alternating current circuits; generation, transmission and distribution of electricity; industrial safety; and computer applications. In addition, students will get hands-on experience at the National Grid training facilities in Milbury, MA.

Career and Transfer Outlook

National Grid anticipates hundreds of openings each year for the following different job titles: Line Worker, Meter Worker and Substation Maintenance. Entry level compensation is anticipated to be in the range of $22 per hour with full benefits including retirement. The need for these employees should continue for the foreseeable future providing our graduates with excellent job security and career growth opportunity.

For more information contact:

Professor Joseph Kalus
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Last Modified: 3/20/18