Education Department Philosophy

"It takes a whole village to raise a child." - African Proverb

The Education Department offers associate degrees in Early Childhood Education,Early Childhood Education Transfer option, Elementary Education Transfer option as well as, Certificates in Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood. Teacher education at Middlesex Community College provides opportunities for students to understand how children differ in their development and approaches to learning and use this knowledge to provide developmentally appropriate practice. The education programs integrate theory and practice, knowledge of child growth and development, understanding cultural and diverse needs and understanding of special education.

The Early Childhood Education Transfer and Elementary Education Transfer are associate degree programs designed for students pursuing a career in the field of education and interested in becoming licensed teachers. The education transfer programs include a strong liberal arts component that meets the requirements for transfer and joint admissions. The program's mission, goals, and objectives adhere to the state and national mandates that promotes teacher education. Education students learn to serve as advocates on behalf of children and families and to promote quality care and education. Opportunities to practice with the Curriculum Frameworks, as well as the Pre-K Standards and Experiences as set forth by the Department of Education and Early Care and Education Department are woven through out the curriculum. The curriculum demonstrates working with teachers, communities, and families as partners in providing a learning environment for children to develop.

Last Modified: 9/18/19