NCBI Team Information

Trainer Preparation

Each National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) team member attended a 3-day Train-The-Trainer workshop led by the NCBI national organization. After completing this training, participants are prepared to lead a 1-Day Welcoming Diversity/Prejudice Reduction workshop and have enhanced their cultural competency skills. To support continuing skills develop team members attend campus meetings, NCBI consortium retreats, and facilitate workshops at MCC and other NCBI campuses in Massachusetts. NCBI workshops can be customized for classes and employee groups. The skills gained from NCBI training are used to:

  • Build effective relationships within and across group identities.
  • Learn effective leadership skills and prevention-oriented strategies to deal with microaggressions, bias, discrimination and other inter-group tensions.
  • Further cultural competence.

NCBI Trainers

Jennifer Aradhya, Director of Marketing Communications
Ann Buskey, Director of TRio
Vandara Chum, Accounts Payable
Jonathan Crockett, Coordinator Health & Wellness
Audrey Frater, Coordinator STEM & Health Pathways
Marilyn Glazer-Weisner, Director of Flexible Studies
Phyllis Gleason, Dean of Foundational Studies
Lela Hall, Alumni
Nancy Tyler Higgins, Faculty
Danijela Jackson, Part-Time Faculty
Samkhann Khoeun, Case Manager Talent Search
Cynthia Lynch, Director of Service Learnng
Frank Morande, Environmental Health & Safety Officer
Ellen Nichols, Assistant Dean Humanities 
Darcy Orellana, NCBI Campus Coordinator,  HR/AAO
Angel Pepin, Director of Academy of Health Professions
Denise Garrow Pruitt, Assistant Dean of Allied Health
Tooch Van, Community Outreach/Counselor

Last Modified: 9/18/19