Diversity Awareness & Education Opportunities

Providing workshops, web-based learning and consultation are part of the Diversity and Equity Affairs role in helping to strengthen the understanding and sensitivity of all employees and students to the importance of their respective roles in fostering a workplace and learning environment free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.


Preventing Sexual Harassment training is offered by the college's Title IX Coordinator.

The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) has more than 30 years of experience transforming communities, campuses, and organizations and is an international non-profit leadership development network dedicated to the elimination of discrimination (in all of its forms) and other forms of oppression. A core tenant of the NCBI methodology is to create inclusive campus environments through individual skills development.  MCC has been engaged with NCBI since 2007.   NCBI workshops are facilitated by certified NCBI trainers and consist of a series of incremental, experiential activities interspersed with the principles and theories of NCBI that help participants to develop their own individual leadership for diversity skills. To arrange for a workshop for your class or your department or to obtain more information about NCBI at Middlesex Community College, contact Darcy Orellana, NCBI Campus Affiliate Leader.

  • 4/21 & 22/2021 Join us for a 1/2 day Building Community Together workshop.
  • Classroom and department workshops can be arranged by contacting Darcy Orellana.

The "Preventing Discrimination and Harassment on Campus" workshop is an informative session about preventing and addressing discrimination and harassment on campus. Whether you are an administrator, complainant, respondent or witness, practical guidance will be provided as to what is your role, responsibilities, and rights under state and federal anti-discrimination laws and the College’s affirmative action policy and procedures. These sessions are led by the Massachusetts Community Colleges Counsel’s Office and the MCC Affirmative Action Officer. Information about workshops will be posted on Newscaster or may arranged by contacting Reginald Nichols.

Search Committee Training

Search Committee training, level one, is designed to familiarize individuals planning to serve on a search committee. This training addresses the college hiring policy, best practices for conducting a search, strategies for minimizing cognitive errors and unintended biases in the review process in order to identify the best talent for the college.  Please contact Reginald Nichols to check on session availability.

For More Information


Reginald Nichols, Affirmative Action Officer/Assistant Director of HR Talent & Compliance/ADA/504/Deputy Title IX Coor., Middlesex Community College, Cataldo Building, Rm 213, 591 Springs Road, Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 Tel: 781-280-3536 Fax: 781-280-3515 Email: nicholsr@middlesex.mass.edu

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