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MCC Alum Fatima Al-MuntafikFatima Al-Muntafik

Hometown: Lowell, Mass.

Graduated from MCC: 2018

Program: Performing Arts: Music

While on campus: Commonwealth Honors Program, Student Government Association, Orientation Leader


"MCC taught me a lot and now I can choose my way. Everyone at Middlesex helped me to find my way with support, love and respect – and gave me the belief I can do it."

Fatima Al-Muntafik grew up in Iraq, a nation divided and scarred by war. But she changed her life and got off to a fresh start in her new home with support from Middlesex Community College.

On April 6, 2003, when she was a senior in high school, Al-Muntafik’s family home was destroyed by cluster bombs, killing her brother-in-law. Living in Iraq, she said, was “a struggle for survival and success.” But she survived and succeeded.

As friends and family members were killed or fled to other countries, Al-Muntafik stayed in Iraq and completed her studies, earning two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Baghdad. One degree is in Arabic Language from the College of Education, and the other is in Musical Arts from the College of Fine Arts. Read the full article.

Q&A with Returning Adult Student Fatima Al-Muntafik 


MCC Alum Fatima Al-Muntafik

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