Dental Hygiene Department Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement of the Dental Hygiene Program

The mission of the Associate Degree Program at Middlesex Community College is to provide equitable educational opportunities and outcomes for Dental Hygiene students in a manner consistent with the college’s mission, and to operate an educational program and clinical facility that is patient care centered and strives for excellence.

We are committed to a policy of comprehensive Dental Hygiene care for all patients at our facility. We strive to maintain a progressive and equity focused educational experience for all dental hygiene students.  We seek to establish an active learning environment that responds to the needs of each student and to provide an atmosphere in which every student feels valued, has their voice heard and has opportunity for maximum achievement. We are ultimately committed to preparing competent dental hygiene professionals, capable of providing quality, evidence-based, equitable dental hygiene care in a variety of settings within a changing health care system and a rich cultural society.

Department Goals

  1. Prepare graduates to meet the program competencies and requirements for dental hygiene licensure.
  2. Maintain competent dental hygiene faculty and staff, and promote a collaborative environment thta supports equity in educational outcomes.
  3. Provide an environment and resources that enhance every student's ability to successfully complete the program.
  4. Maintain a contemporary evidence and competency-based curriculum that emphasizes student-centered teaching and learning.
  5. Maintain equitable admission policies and procedures that promote qualified candidates.
  6. Provide comprehensive high quality dental hygiene services to the community within the scope of dental hygiene practice.
  7. Establish and maintain community relationships that provide access to care to diverse populations.
  8. Provide input to college wide decision making through participation in college governance.

MCC Dental Hygiene Department Philosophy of Student-Centered Teaching

The purpose of student-centered teaching is to guide and support students through the process of developing into empathetic, competent, and intellectually inquisitive healthcare providers. Students will develop skills necessary to provide dental hygiene care and education in a culturally rich society, supporting the missions of the Dental Hygiene Department and Middlesex Community College.

The Faculty will recognize and value the differences among our students, incorporating each student’s experiences, learning styles and motivations into education. Through the establishment of mutual respect between teachers and students, we provide a safe, supportive and equitable learning environment, which guides students to actively invest, engage, and interact with all aspects of the curriculum. We aim to facilitate development of the following habits and behaviors in our students, and do so through modeling:

  • Maintaining high standards for comprehensive, ethical and professional treatment of our patients guided by scientific evidence as well as our professional code.
  • Responsibility for personal and professional growth and development including:
    • Receptiveness to constructive feedback
    • Ability to self-assess and reflect
    • Lifelong learning and knowledge seeking
  • Reflective listening and responsible communication
  • Cultural humility development and commitment
  • Social and civic responsibility
  • Bridging of theory and practice
  • Passion, excitement and respect for education and the profession of dental hygiene
Through adoption of this philosophy of student-centered teaching throughout the curriculum, we the faculty will provide a learning environment that is supportive and guides students to achieve competency for successful dental hygiene practice.
Last Modified: 7/12/22