Program Competencies

Program Competencies outline the knowledge, skills and attitudes that graduates of our program must exhibit to successfully complete the program and become competent Dental Hygiene practitioners. The competencies represent an integration of knowledge, understanding, skills and values. These competencies define the core content of our curriculum and allow for continual assessment of our program . In other words, the competencies set out a blueprint for the curriculum of our program. Each course objective serve as a foundation or supports the Programs’ competencies. These competencies are dynamic standards and must be responsive to change. The educational plan set out by these competencies will require regular review for continual improvement. The Dental Hygiene graduate will be competent in:

  1. promoting the values of oral and general health with respect for diversity
  2. assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating community oral health programs in a variety of settings
  3. providing and documenting dental hygiene care to diverse populations based on the scientific literature and according to accepted standards of care
  4. collecting and analyzing assessment data
  5. utilizing comprehensive assessment data and problem solving strategies in determining a dental hygiene diagnosis.
  6. collaborating with the patient/client to establish realistic goals and treatment strategies which facilitate optimal oral health
  7. providing treatment that includes preventive and therapeutic services directed by the treatment plan.
  8. evaluating the extent to which treatment goals were achieved.
  9. applying self assessment skills to prepare for lifelong learning
  10. representing and supporting the profession through service activities and affiliations with professional organizations
  11. applying ethical, legal and regulatory concepts to the provision and/or support of oral health care services
  12. communicating and interacting effectively with patients, colleagues and other professionals
Last Modified: 9/18/19