Program Student Learning Outcomes

Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs), also known as “Competencies for Dental Hygiene Graduates”, outlines the knowledge, skills and attitudes that graduates of our program must exhibit to successfully complete the program and become competent Dental Hygiene practitioners. The PSLOs represent an integration of knowledge, understanding, skills and values.

These PSLOs define the core content of our objective curriculum and allow for continual assessment of our program. In other words, the PSLOs set out a blueprint for the curriculum of our program. Each course student learning outcome (CSLO) serves as a foundation or supports the PSLOs. These PSLOs are dynamic standards and must be responsive to change. The educational plan set out by these PSLOs will require regular review for continual program improvement and student achievement.

The Dental Hygiene Graduate will be competent in:

  1. Using current scientific evidence to implement accepted standards of care to individualize the dental hygiene process of care to a diverse population of patients.
  2. Using effective communication to collaborate with patients, colleagues and other professionals to provide optimal oral health care.
  3. Promoting the values of oral and general health, integrating social determinants to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate community oral health programs.
  4. Applying self-evaluation to ensure a high level of professional knowledge, judgement, and management of ethical and legal considerations in the practice of dental hygiene.
  5. Demonstrating responsibility for professional growth through service activities and affiliations with professional organizations.
Last Modified: 8/2/21