Student Handbook 2015-2016

Mission Statement

At Middlesex Community College, everyone teaches, everyone learns. Collaborative in nature and innovative in practice, we educate, engage, and empower a diverse community of learners. Through transformative opportunities, we challenge and support every student to succeed and lead. Recognizing equity and inclusion as the foundation for excellence and creativity, Middlesex Community College meets the evolving educational, civic and workforce needs of our local and global communities.

Rights and Responsibilities

Upon enrolling at Middlesex Community College, a student agrees to abide by the college policies and procedures described below. Violations of these policies and procedures, or aiding, abetting, inciting, encouraging or supporting such violations, constitutes an offense for which students may be subject to disciplinary action.

Code of Conduct

Grievance Procedure

Student Course Grade Appeal Checklist

Grade Appeal Form 

Academic Policies

Academic policies can be found in the Academic Catalog. Click on the links below for more information.

Academic Standing Policy

Academic Warning and Probation Interventions

Course Repeat Policy

Educational Records & Transcripts

Fresh Start Policy

VALOR Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy

General Policies & Regulations

Absences Due to Pregnancy

Alcoholic Beverages & Drugs on Campus

Animals on Campus

Bomb Threats

Changing Biographic info.

Computer & Network Usage Policy


Crime Awareness-Sexual Assault

Crime Awareness-Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI)

Emergency Phone Numbers & Procedures

Facilities Use

False Fire Alarms

Financial Information




Immunization Requirement

Institutional Review Board

Parking Violations

Persons With Disabilities

Pluralism, Affirmative Action, Sexual Harassment

Religious Absence

Service Animals

Smoke-Free Environment


Student Action

Student Health Insurance

Student Records & Privacy Rights

Student Social Media Use

Trespass Act

Visitors on Campus

Last Modified: 9/10/15