Engineering Science Transfer Program

The Engineering Science Transfer Associate in Science degree program is designed to provide the courses usually found in the first year of a bachelor's degree program in engineering. This program is particularly appropriate for students who are not ready to take calculus when they begin college studies as this program includes precalculus mathematics. Academic advisors and transfer counselors work closely with students to assist them with course planning in accordance with their intended baccalaureate major and transfer institution. Graduates of this program will graduate as sophomores and probably require the equivalent of approximately three years of full-time study to complete their baccalaureate degree.
Graduates of the program work in computer, software and networking related industries. Although not primarily intended as a transfer degree, some students do continue on to bachelor's degree programs on a full or part-time basis in engineering, engineering technology, and information technology.

Career and Transfer Outlook

Career opportunities are open to students who transfer and complete a bachelor's degree. Engineers design complex systems, solve technical problems, and provide supervision and leadership.

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