Photo of Darlene Love - Appearing June 6, 2022 • 6 p.m. • Lowell Memorial Auditorium

The Middlesex Community College Foundation is grateful for all of the sponsors and donors who are making the return of Celebrity Forum possible.

Presenting Sponsor of MCC’s spring fundraisers since 1999.

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Melody Sponsor
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Lyric Sponsor
Cummings Foundation
The Demoulas Foundation

Enterprise Bank

Rhythm Sponsor
Bank of America
David and Elizabeth Basile
Desai Family Foundation/ Samir and Nilima Desai
Eastern Bank
Jim and Eileen Henderson
JNB & Associates
Lenzi’s Catering, Inc.
Lowell Sun Charities
Mahoney Oil Co., Inc.
Tufts Medical
Umass Lowell
Washington Savings Bank

Chorus Sponsor
Anstiss & Co., PC
Judy and Marc Burke
Cabot Corporation
The Cardinal Group
Allison and Steven Chambers
Community Teamwork, Inc.
Patrick and Jackie Cook
Dr. Carole A. Cowan
Hanscom Federal Credit Union
Daly Holding
Joanna and Benito DelMonaco
The Durkin Company
Mary Emerick
Jackie and Mark Fallon
Gallagher & Cavanaugh LLP
Greater Lowell Community Foundation
Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union
Mike and Cindy Kuenzler
Sherri McCormack
Mill City Environmental
Darcy Orellana
Kathy and Scott Plath
Joseph Patuto & Imad Thweib
Dr. Arlene Rodriguez
Philip J. Sisson
Lura and Robert Smith
Gail Tuzzolo
Winchester Co-Operative Bank

Celebrity Forum Donors
Mr. and Mrs, James Campbell
Elise and Brian Martin
Frank and Linda Nocella
Annie O'Connor

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