RN Refresher Program

MCC's RN Refresher Program currently suspended and under program review. 

Middlesex Community College's RN Refresher Program (non-credit) is designed to prepare Massachusetts registered nurses who have been away from nursing practice for an extended period of time with an update of nursing concepts and skills needed to re-enter the nursing workforce in acute care, and/or long term care. The goal of our program is to provide students a supportive learning environment necessary to refine skills and develop a sound knowledge base needed to practice in today's complex health care environment. This program consists of theory and of hands-on practice in MCC's nursing skills lab. There is no clinical component. A certificate awarded upon successful completion with 8 CEUs.  Partial credit is not awarded.  Lead Instructor: Carolyn Walsh. walshc@middlesex.mass.edu

Pre-Req: Students must have a current, valid RN license in good standing.  Students must attend/complete all classes to be awarded a certificate of completion.  Upon enrollment please email or fax copy of your RN license to fax 781-280-3812 or e-mail to wrighte@middlesex.mass.edu

Program currently suspended and under review. 
Tuition: $2100 which includes all skill lab supplies.  Required texts are a separate fee.
Location: Middlesex Community College, 44 and 88 Middle Street, Lowell, MA. Room: TBA
Enrollment Period:  TBA   Course # HLT 714-80.   

Required Text:  Treas, L. &. Wilkinson, J. (2014). Basic nursing: Concept, skills, & reasoning. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis. ISBN: 9780803627789. Text can be purchased at your preferred online vendor or at the MCC Lowell Campus bookstore, 88 Middle Street, Lowell, MA . For store hours call  (978) 322-8323 or email:   mccb_lowell@fheg.follett.com     

Course Theory: Nursing Process/Critical Thinking/Evidenced Based Practice; JCAHO National Patient Safety Goals; Ethical and Legal Issues; Math/Dosage Calculation; Organization and Prioritization of Care; Surgical and Medical Asepsis; Antibiotic and Infection Control; Head to Toe Assessment; Documentation/Notes; Cultural Differences; Adult/Geriatric nursing update: Neurology, Cardiovascular, Respiratory; Diabetes; Gastrointestinal; Pain Management.

Course Nursing Skills Lab: Care Plan; Universal Precautions; Lab Values; Lung, Heart and Bowel Sounds; Chest Tubes/Trach Care and Suctioning; Neuro Assessments; Surgical Aseptic Technique/Wound Care; Health Assessment; Specimen Testing; IV Infusion; Medical Administration/Math Calculation; Oxygen/Chest Therapy; Gastrointestinal Tubes; Foley Catheter Insertion.

Refund Policy: TBA 

Questions: Call 781-280-3570 or email wrighte@middlesex.mass.edu

Please note: Uniforms are not required. Students may wear street clothes or scrubs to class.  No open-toed shoes allowed.

For directions, please visit www.middlesex.mass.edu

Last Modified: 3/20/18