Personal Trainer

NEW! ONLINE! Gold Certificate Personal Trainer
The W.I.T.S. online personal trainer course is a SELF-PACED
program with short, impactful online videos to be a successful
personal trainer in the fitness industry. The lessons will help you with key core
topics to learn how the body functions under the stresses of exercise. Learn
exercise physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and more. The essential practical skills
are packed with insightful drills that you can duplicate to master the skill set. This
course is loaded with practice quizzes, discussion boards and much more. We
have included incredible veteran fitness mentors to help your successful outcome.
Our supplemental internship programs walk you into some great job opportunities.
Your test vouchers for the NCCA Accreditation national exams are included and
a must for employers. Turn your passion into a career. Special Note: Successful
completion of the course activities and online exam will get you a Certificate of
Completion. Passing the national exams at your college will get you a Level 1
Certified Personal Trainer credential. (if needed) outside gym fee for a review and
practical skill exam. Not eligible for waivers (35 hours) $999

To Register:

Start – September 26

End – October 31

National Exams – November 7

Web Course
Course Number: CAR 938 33 CRN: 18146

Last Modified: 9/2/20