Personal Enrichment

Intro to Cake Decorating for Teens
Learn the art of cake decorating in this introduction course.  From frosting a cake perfectly smooth to piping intricate borders, also making frosting roses will be covered.  Each student will take home a fully decorated cake.  Have fun learning the tricks of the trade.  Maybe one day you could be just like Food Networks and TLC’s top cake decorators.   Everything is provided for in the cost of the supply fee of $20 due at the first class. Ages 12 and up to attend without a parent. This class meets at the Middlesex Meetinghouse, 249 Concord Road, Billerica, MA.  $49
1/21-1/28          5:30pm-8:30pm                      W
PER 803 33          17381                                   SAVINO


Love ’N Cake
Nothing says I love you more than a Valentine’s Day cake.  Give your sweetie a romantic treat in this fun Dimensional fondant cake decorating class. No experience is needed; just have fun learning the hottest trend in cake decorating. A supply fee of $15 should be paid to the instructor at the first class and everyone goes home with a fully decorated cake. Parents and students age 12+ are welcome. This class meets at the Middlesex Meetinghouse, 294 Concord Road, Billerica, MA. $29
2/11                   5:30pm-8:30pm                      W
PER 678 33          17382             SAVINO

A Fondant Easter
Come celebrate spring in this hand’s on fondant cake decorating class for all. Everyone will go home with a fully decorated cake suited perfectly for Easter.  All supplies are provided for, just show up have fun learning the newest trend in fondant cake decorating.  Parents and students ages 12+ are welcome. This class meets at the Middlesex Meetinghouse, 294 Concord Road, Billerica, MA. $29
4/1                     5:30pm-8:30pm                      W
PER 677 33          17384                                   SAVINO

Cake Pops
Come have fun learning one of the newest trends in cake decorating that everyone is going crazy for.  “Cake pops” are made up of cake or other baked goods like rice crispy treats that are then dipped in chocolate or poured fondant. These dessert lollipop sticks make it easy to be passed out and eat right off the stick.  We will be decorating all types of designs such as weddings, birthdays, holidays, even great summer themes using candies and other types of frostings that will keep you coming back for more…yum! A supply fee of $20 should be paid to the instructor at the first class to cover all the supplies needed for the classes. Parents and students age 12+ are welcome.  This class meets at the Middlesex Meetinghouse, 294 Concord Road, Billerica, MA. $49
4/8-4/16            6pm-9pm                                W
PER 801 33          17383                                   SAVINO

The Art of Cheese
Did you know there are hundreds of types of cheese? Join us at Concord’s Cheese Shop and hear owner and 30-year turophile Peter Lovis demystify the intricacies of cheese.  Learn the art of cheese by tasting exquisitely made cheeses. This class meets at 29 Walden St., Concord, Mass. This course is not eligible for waivers or vouchers. (2 hours) $50
3/4                     6pm-8pm                                W
PER 617 30          16609

3/26                   6pm-8pm                                R      
PER 617 31          16610            

Irish Language I
The following Irish language course takes place at Middlesex Community College, Bedford. This 8-week course is an introduction to the Irish Gaelic language. Using a variety of games, learning exercises, and dynamic activities students will learn the basics of Irish Gaelic conversation and grammar. Additionally we will explore the rich history and culture of Ireland through songs and poetry. This class will use different media and online resources for learning and exploring this rewarding language.  $199
3/3-4/28                        6pm-8pm              T                          B                         HH 112
PER 802 30                      17380                 HESTER
No class March 18

The Complete Gardener
Everything you need to know about life you can learn in the garden. This three hour experience will walk you through plant life and relate garden activities to life events. Garden terminology dominates our lexicon, how did that happen? The session will explain the proper way to perform garden activities; sowing seed, pruning shrubs, weeding and more, and translate them to social and business organizational behavior. (3 hours) $39
3/28                   9am-12pm       S                     B                    HH 107
PER 698 30          16612             COPPOLA

Mastering Garden Skills
Expand your knowledge of plants, products and techniques. This course is designed for individuals seeking a more balanced gardening approach by improving their skills and understanding of plant care. Class sessions will include discussions on soil preparation, plant selection and propagation, proper use of fertilizer and pesticide, landscaping and garden design, lawn care, pest management, yard maintenance, tool selection and other subjects of interest related to the growing season. (12 hours) $149
4/11-5/16          10am-12pm     S                     B                    HH 107
PER 800 30          17373             COPPOLA

Language:  The following classes are held at Minuteman Technical High School, 758 Marrett Road, Lexington, MA

Italian for Beginners, Level I
Come and join us to learn the fundamentals of this exciting language.  You'll learn basic grammar, vocabulary, and conversation, through a variety of activities and methods. 
2/4-4/15            6pm-7:30pm                           W                   $160
PER 642 33          16613            

4/29-6/3            6pm-7:30pm                           W                   $96
PER 642 34          17365            

Italian for Beginners, Level II
This course is open to people who have already taken the Italian, Level I course or are familiar with the language (present tense, adjectives, prepositions).  We will continue to study grammar by adding simple and short conversations. 
2/4-4/15            7:30pm-9pm                           W                   $160
PER 643 33          16614            

4/29-6/3            7:30pm-9pm                           W                   $96
PER 643 34          17366            

Parliamo Italiano!
If you are fluent in Italian and want to keep up or improve your conversational ability, this class is for you. The class is conducted in Italian and different topics will be discussed during the sessions.
2/2-4/13            7:30pm-9pm                           M                   $160
PER 644 33          16615

4/27-6/8            7:30pm-9pm                           M                   $96
PER 644 34          17367            

Spanish for Beginners
This course will help students develop the four skills of the Spanish language necessary for basic communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These skills will be practiced and integrated regularly during the semester. Students should not expect to comprehend every word from their instructor, but should try to integrate what they do know to understand the overall meaning. The classes are planned to practice 65% conversation, 25% reading, and 10% writing.
3/12-5/21          7pm-8:30pm                           R                    $160              
PER 645 33          16617            

Spanish Conversation Group
Si usted ha aprendido español hace unos años o recientemente, de seguro disfrutará de esta clase. Los estudiantes podrañ recordar lo aprendido y añadir a su conocimiento más vocabulario y más gramática.  En esta clase se hablará sobre los intereses de cada estudiante y sobre los temas de actualidad.  Se espera que los estudiantes ya hayan aprendido al menos los tiempos presente, pasado y futuro.  Además es indispensable que traigan a la clase muchos deseos de usar la lengua. 
3/10-5/19          7pm-8:30pm                           T                     $160
PER 646 33          16616            

German for Beginners Continued
Guten Tag! Danke Schön! Gesundheit! – It’s German
This course is designed for students who are continuing with the class or others who had a brief introduction to German. The class will provide an opportunity to build vocabulary and work on basic structures of elementary German. Students will practice speaking, listening reading and writing, and learn to communicate in everyday situations. Emphasis is placed on survival skills in situations, such as eating out, shopping, social encounters, asking for directions, and expressing feelings.
2/5-4/16            7pm-9pm                                R                    $175          
PER 647 33         16619


4/30-6/11          7pm-9pm                                R                    $105
PER 647 34          17368          

German Intermediate
Guten Abend! Sprechen Sie Deutsch – ein wenig? This course is intended both for students continuing from the previous “German Intermediate” class and for others with previous knowledge of basic German (in the present tense) and some basic grammar (e.g. conjugation & basic sentence structure). The emphasis will be on building conversational ability by engaging in conversation about everyday situations. Participants will review and expand their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
2/4-4/15            7pm-9pm                                W                   $175
PER 648 33          16620            

4/29-6/10          7pm-9pm                                W                   $105
PER 648 34          17369            

French Intermediate
This course is intended for students who have had some exposure to French, such as courses in high school or an adult evening beginner French class. We will work on the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with a focus on oral proficiency using a textbook, compact discs, and videos. We will end the session preparing a French dish and, of course, speaking as much French as possible while enjoying our repas.
1/20-3/31          6:30pm-8:30pm                      T                     $175
PER 651 33          16622

 4/14-6/23          6:30pm-8:30pm                      T                     $175
PER 651 34          16624

Online Classes:

Everyday Math ONLINE Course # EDG 611
Math isn't about plugging numbers into formulas. It's about knowing enough to make the numbers and formulas work for you. Math can be incredibly useful - but only if you understand how and when to apply it in your everyday life.  You'll learn how to calculate percentages, including the proper amount to pay in tips, commissions, taxes, and discounts. You'll find out how to calculate interest rates and you'll develop a better understanding of mortgages, credit cards, and other types of loans. You'll discover a handy method for converting one type of measurement to another, and you'll be able to calculate areas correctly so you don't overspend on your next home improvement project. You'll become adept at interpreting graphs, calculating the probability that something will (or won't) happen, and understanding the statistics embedded in test results, polls, and even news stories. The lessons that make up this course are filled with practical exercises and information that you can put to immediate use. ONLINE.  Classes begin monthly. 24 hours. $130. To enroll: Step 1: to complete the online registration for your selected course. Step 2: Call MCC enrollment at 1800-818-3434 to complete payment. Students will not have access to the online sessions until payment is made. Classes begin monthly. Not eligible for tuition waivers. For questions, 781-280-3663 or email

Grammar Refresher ONLINE Course # EDG 622
Whatever your goals, a grasp of English grammar is important if you want to improve your speaking and writing skills. This course will help you gain confidence in your ability to produce clean, grammatically correct work. You'll explore the basics of English grammar—like sentence structure and punctuation—as well as more sophisticated concepts—like logic and clarity. A patient instructor, memorable lessons, vivid examples, and interactive exercises will give you ample opportunity to put what you learn into practice. Reacquaint yourself with old, forgotten rules, meet some new ones, and discover your own grammatical strengths.  24 hours. $130. ONLINE. To enroll: Step 1: to complete the online registration for your selected course. Step 2: Call MCC enrollment at 1800-818-3434 to complete payment. Students will not have access to the online sessions until payment is made. All classes begin monthly. Not eligible for tuition waivers. For questions, 781-280-3663 or email

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