Personal Enrichment

Full certificate available the Fall 2021.  All courses are taught by Debbe Daley of Debbe Daley Designs LLC in Lowell

NEW ONLINE Interior Design 101
Learn how to design like a pro.  This course will teach you how to choose paint color for the home.  Redesign a space with existing furniture and using pieces you already own.  How to incorporate charming and heirloom items into a new room design without the space looking dated.  Repurposing furniture and learning how to measure a room for proper furniture size including the topic of proper size area rugs to use in a space.  Lighting is another design element that will be addressed, size, placement.  How to measure for window treatments, fabrics, scale and custom vs. ready- made.  Design theory, furniture placement and how to design a room from scratch. $359

01/26 - 03/02    6:00pm - 7:00pm             Tuesday              Web Course      
Course Number: PER 999 75       CRN: 20017         Professor: Daley


Credit, Home, Repair

ONLINE How to Buy & Finance a Home
These sessions are designed to offer a wealth of information, tips and strategies in the home buying and refinancing process, especially considering recent opportunities created by auctions and foreclosures. The classes will cover all terms and options of financing real estate as well as credit issues. Also includes the details of FHA loans as well as demystifying the myths of reverse mortgages and a discussion to help prevent identity theft. (6 hours) $25

01/25                   6:00pm - 9:00pm             Monday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 850 30       CRN: 20000         Professor: BEAUDOIN   


03/29                   6:00pm - 9:00pm             Monday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 850 80       CRN: 20001         Professor: BEAUDOIN


ONLINE Myths & Misconceptions of Credit & Credit Repair
In this class, we will drill into all the myths, suspicions, fallacies, and beliefs of the credit world we live in today.  We will discuss the information we have acquired along the way as to how our scores are created how to avoid the pitfalls of bruised and damaged credit, and what steps can be utilized to help repair and build a strong credit rating into the future.  This is a must if you have ever had a negative experience applying for a car loan, credit card or line of credit.  The truths will be disclosed.  Please join us for a candid, interactive class to learn the truths of the credit world we live in today! $59

02/22                   6:00pm - 9:00pm             Monday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 951 30       CRN: 20002         Professor: BEAUDOIN


04/26                   6:00pm - 9:00pm             Monday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 951 80       CRN: 20003         Professor: BEAUDOIN


ONLINE Supplemental Energy Systems & Reducing Energy Costs
New England weather extremes can result in electrical outlet supply outages and power equality/reliability issues while electrical energy rates have risen substantially. The instructor will teach homeowners how to assess the economic feasibility of installing emergency standby generation and renewable energy sources to maintain electrical power supply quality/reliability and reduce power supply costs. Topics discussed will include Emergency Stand by Power Systems, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Supplemental Energy Sources & Utility company considerations. (6 hours) $69

03/16 - 03/23    6:00pm - 8:00pm             Tuesday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 941 30       CRN: 19673         Professor: CHAVIER


04/20 - 04/27    6:00pm - 8:00pm             Tuesday              Web Course T    WEB      Professor: CHAVIER
Course Number: PER 941 31       CRN: 20024         Professor: CHAVIER


ONLINE Secrets of Remarkable Presentations
If your goal is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, PERSUADE, and Move the World in a positive direction... A great presentation can galvanize emotion and incite action to make a dent. The goal of this Workshop is to put rocket fuel in your influence engine. Taught by experienced 35-year veteran Real World Stories and anecdotes Hands-on fun exercises. There is a materials fee of $20 payable to the instructor the day of the class for a book and additional handouts. (4 hours) $75

03/05                   9:00am - 1:00pm             Friday    Web Course      
Course Number: PER 986 30       CRN: 19976         Professor: Herther

04/02                   9:00am - 1:00pm             Friday    Web Course
Course Number: PER 986 31       CRN: 19979         Professor: Herther


NEW ONLINE The Craft of Storytelling
Learn to turn experiences – those times in your life that feel important -- into stories that really connect with others. Learn the storytelling skills behind The Moth, and other popular true-story podcasts. This same skill set can help you communicate better at work and at home and can help you make the transition to new work in a changing economic environment. Think about it: Whether we are on a date, giving a wedding toast, making a sales pitch, on a job interview, or on stage at storytelling event, we are all telling stories, all the time. Why not get good at it? This class is fun, supportive, and appropriate for any level. Kurt Mullen has told stories for PBS’s Stories from the Stage, for the popular podcast, RISK! for the Mistakes Were Made story series in Washington D.C., and for other storytelling series all over the East coast. (8 hours) $99

01/12 - 02/02    6:00pm - 8:00pm             Tuesday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 989 75       CRN: 19990         Professor: MULLEN


NEW ONLINE Meet Edgar Allen Poe
This course will trace Poe’s unsettling biographical roots and itinerant career path as a journalist, short story writer, poet, and critic from Boston to Baltimore. Readings will include his tales of mystery and imagination, his poetry, and works by authors from the 19th century to the present whom he influenced (10 hours) $75

01/19 - 03/23    6:30pm - 7:30pm             Tuesday              Web Course
Course Number: PER 992 75       CRN: 19988         Professor: O'CONNELL


NEW ONLINE Poetry Through the Ages
This course will highlight a variety of poets through the various genres of history.  Come and learn about the romantic period, the neoclassical period or perhaps the gothic era of literature from the Middle English.  There have been many poetry movements as it relates to the vitality of many communities. (10 hours) $75

01/21 - 03/25    6:30pm - 7:30pm             Thursday             Web Course
Course Number: PER 993 75       CRN: 19989         Professor: O'CONNELL



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