Personal Enrichment

Movement, Strength and Inspiration with Broga Creator Robert Sidoti
Robert Sidoti began his career as a personal trainer on the west coast before discovering his passion for Yoga. Combining elements of functional fitness with an awareness of the male perspective he created Broga, an international brand of Yoga offered around the world with classes that are enjoyed by both men and women. He has been featured in Time Magazine, People Magazine, Menís Health, Wall Street Journal and countless other media appearances and mentions. This special extended session focuses on all that Robert loves about Yoga incorporating a strong but accessible workout that includes elements of a Broga Class, Vinyasa Yoga as well as relaxing Yin & Restorative Poses.   The three elements of our being that Yoga Explores; Mind, Body and Spirit will be moved, strengthened and inspired!  Donít miss this opportunity when the internationally recognized fitness experts visit the area.   With Robert's  BROGA (Yoga for The Bros) background this is a great class for men, even those who have never done Yoga before but everyone is welcome!  Please dress in clothes you can move comfortably in, bring water to drink and a yoga mat. (2 hours) $35
2/27      10:00am - 12:00pm    Saturday     B     SIDOTI
HLT 610 30      18307      CAFE EAST

Into to Cake Decorating - Teens
Learn the art of cake decorating in this introduction course.  From frosting a cake perfectly smooth to piping intricate borders, also making frosting roses will be covered.  Each student will take home a fully decorated cake.  Have fun learning the tricks of the trade.  Maybe one day you could be just like Food Networks and TLCs top cake decorators.   Everything is provided for in the cost of the supply fee of $20 due at the first class. Ages 13 and up to attend without a parent.  This course takes place at the Middlesex Meetinghouse, 294 Concord Road, Billerica, MA. (6 hours) $69
01/27 - 02/03   5:30pm - 8:30pm      W     SAVINO
PER 803 33      17381     

Love N Cake

Nothing says I love you more than a Valentine's Day cake.  Give your sweetie a romantic treat in this fun 3-Dimentional fondant cake decorating class. No experience is needed; just have fun learning the hottest trend in cake decorating. A supply fee of $15 should be paid to the instructor at the first class and everyone goes home with a fully decorated cake. Parents and students age 12+ are welcome. This course takes place at the Middlesex Meetinghouse, 294 Concord Road, Billerica, MA. (3 hours) $39
02/10      5:30pm - 8:30pm      W     SAVINO
PER 678 33      17382     

Easter Fondant Class
Come celebrate spring in this hands-on fondant cake decorating class for all. Everyone will go home with a fully decorated cake suited perfectly for Easter.  All supplies are provided for, just show up and have fun learning the newest trend in fondant cake decorating.  Parents and students ages 12+ are welcome.  This course takes place at the Middlesex Meetinghouse, 294 Concord Road, Billerica, MA.  (3 hours) $39
03/16      5:30pm - 8:30pm      W     SAVINO
PER 677 33      17384     

Frosting Fun for Easter
In this class you will learn how to decorate an Easter themed cake using frosting and piping bags to create a magnificent 3-Dimentional cake that tastes as good as it looks.  All supplies are included in the class.  Everyone will go home with a fully decorated cake perfect for Easter.  Enrollment limited to 10. This course takes place at the Middlesex Meetinghouse, 294 Concord Road, Billerica, MA. (3 hours) $39
03/23      5:30pm - 8:30pm      W     SAVINO
PER 818 33      18218     

An Evening of Mediumship
Laura Wooster is a gifted intuitive medium who delivers amazing messages of love and comfort from family and friends who have left this world.  Laura is well known for the gentle and compassionate way in which she delivers extraordinary detail of our connection to the afterlife.  We invite you to join Laura for this special gallery event to not only witness the miracle of spirit communication, but to learn more about how mediumship takes place and come to better recognize the various ways that spirit reaches out to each of us daily.  Laura will be joined by fellow intuitive medium, Gail Lachs, and together they will lead you through an evening filled with insight and inspiration, which will forever change your feelings about death and life.  You will leave feeling an empowering connection to spirit, and with a gentle shift in perspective that may open your mind and heart to the special ways in which your loved ones continually send their messages of connection and support.  Laura and Gail will be lecturing about how mediumship takes place and bringing messages from loved ones in Spirit for random members of the audience.  Not all in attendance will receive a message directly, but bearing witness to the many messages that will be delivered during this event will leave you with a renewed hope and spiritual connection. (2 hours) $35
05/12      6:00pm - 8:30pm     R     B     WOOSTER & LACHS
PER 820 30      18306      CAFE  EAST

Motorcycle Training - Now Offered at Middlesex Community College!
Learn to Ride a Motorcycle.  Pass the Course & Receive your License.  Novice to Expert Courses Available.  Motorcycles & Helmets are provided.  Additional Courses offered on a VESPA, CanAm Spyder, Trike or Sidecar. 

Topics covered:
challenge of motorcycling
motorcycle controls
rider & motorcycle preparation   
basic riding skills
street strategies       
advanced turning & braking techniques
ï special riding situations  
dangers of impaired riding
straight line riding         
turning, shifting & stopping
evasive maneuvers

Schedule and rates can be seen at   Registration is through Training Wheels Course/program takes place at Middlesex Community College, Bedford,MA campus. Questions:

The following language courses take place at Minuteman Technical School, 758 Marrett Road, Lexington. Registration is through Middlesex Community College. 

Languages Italian for Beginners, Level I
Come and join us to learn the fundamentals of this exciting language. You will learn basic grammar, vocabulary, and conversation, through a variety of activities and methods. (15 hours) $160
02/02 - 04/12   6:00pm - 7:30pm      T    
PER 642 33      16613     

Italian for Beginner, Level II
This course is open to people who have already taken the Italian, Level I course or are familiar with the language (present tense, adjectives, and prepositions). We will continue to study grammar by adding simple and short conversations. (15 hours) $160
02/03 - 04/13   7:30pm - 9:00pm      W    
PER 643 33      16614     

Parliamo Italiano!
If you are fluent in Italian and want to keep up or improve your conversational ability, this class is for you. The class is conducted in Italian and different topics will be discussed during the 10 sessions. (15 hours) $160
02/01 - 04/25   7:30pm - 9:00pm      M    
PER 644 33      16615     

Italian, Level III
This course is open to people who have already taken the Italian, Level II course. We will continue to study grammar through simple conversations, short stories, and easy readings. (15 hours). $160
02/01 - 04/25   6:00pm - 7:30pm      M    
PER 817 33      18208     

Spanish for Beginners
This course will help students develop the four skills of the Spanish language necessary for basic communication: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students should not expect to comprehend every word from their instructor, but should try to integrate what they do know to understand the overall meaning. (15 hours)  $160
03/17 - 05/26              7:00pm - 8:30pm        R        
PER 645 33               16617   

Spanish Conversation Group
Si usted ha aprendido espanol hace unos anos o recientemente, de seguro disfrutara de esta clase. Los estudiantes podra recordar lo aprendido y anadir a su conocimiento mas vocabulario y mas gramatica.  En esta clase se hablara sobre los intereses de cada estudiante y sobre los temas de actualidad.  Se espera que los estudiantes ya hayan aprendido al menos los tiempos presente, pasado y futuro.  Ademas es indispensable que traigan a la clase muchos deseos de usar la lengua. (15 hours)  $160
03/15 - 05/24   7:00pm - 8:30pm      T    
PER 646 33      16616     

Spanish Intermediate
This course is intended both for students continuing on from our instructorís Spanish for Beginners class and for students who are comfortable using the present and past verb tenses. You will build upon your previously-gained knowledge of the Spanish language, gaining fluency with the description of daily routines, future, and past events. (15 hours) $160
03/16 - 05/25   7:00pm - 8:30pm      W    
PER 813 33      18209     

Guten Tag! Danke Schon! Gesundheit! It's German
This class will provide an opportunity to build vocabulary and work on basic structures of elementary German. Students will practice speaking, listening reading and writing, and learn to communicate in everyday situations. Emphasis is placed on survival skills in situations, such as eating out, shopping, social encounters, asking for directions, and expressing feelings. (20 hours) $175
02/04 - 04/14   7:00pm - 9:00pm      R    
PER 647 33      16619     

German Intermediate
Guten Abend! Sprechen Sie Deutsch ein wenig? This course is intended both for students continuing from the previous German Intermediate class and for others with previous knowledge of basic German (in the present tense) and some basic grammar (e.g. conjugation & basic sentence structure). The emphasis will be on building conversational ability by engaging in conversation about everyday situations. Participants will review and expand their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. (20 hours) $175
02/03 - 04/13   7:00pm - 9:00pm      W    
PER 648 33      16620     

Advanced German
Sprechen Sie Deutsch aber haben wenig Gelegenheit es zu benutzen?  Vielleicht ist unsere wochentliche Gesprachsgruppe dann genau das Richtige fur Sie.  Bei einer Tasse Tee und lassiger Atmospare werden wir aktuelle Themen diskutieren, sowie einige Zeitungs-und Zeitschriftenartikel und Kurzgeschichten lesen.  Lese-und Diskussionsmaterialien werden vom Interesse der Gruppe bestimmt und oft von den Teilnehmern beigetragen.  Obwohl der Schwerpunkt der Klasse auf Erweiterung der Gesprachsfahigkeiten liegt, werden wir Gelegenheiten nutzen um die deutsche Grammatik zu besprechen und um Kenntnisse darin zu erweitern.  Die Lehrerin ist Muttersprachlerin und unterrichtet an der Deutschen Sonnabendschule Boston. Vielleicht ist unsere woechentliche Gespraechsgruppe dann genau das Richtige fur Sie. ì (20 hours) $175
02/01 - 04/25   7:00pm - 9:00pm      M    
PER 649 33      18210     

French for Beginners
Come and join us to learn the fundamentals of this exciting language. Youíll learn basic grammar, vocabulary, and conversation, through a variety of activities and methods.  (24 hours) $200
02/03 - 05/04   6:30pm - 8:30pm      W
PER 638 33      18247

French Intermediate
This course is intended for students who have had some exposure to French, such as courses in high school or an adult evening beginner French class. We will work on the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, with a focus on oral proficiency using a textbook, compact discs, and videos. We will end the session preparing a French dish and, of course, speaking as much French as possible while enjoying our repas. (24 hours) $175
02/02 - 05/03   6:30pm - 8:30pm      T    
PER 651 33      16622

French Advanced Intermediate
This course is intended for students continuing on from the previous class and for students who have previously studied French. The course is conducted entirely in French. We will focus on the four skills of learning a language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We will study the grammar using the text The Ultimate French Review and Practice, which is available for purchase in the Community Education Office.  We will also read a novel or play; copies will be provided by the instructor. A French movie will be viewed and discussed. At the end of the session, we will go out to a French restaurant to practice our French and enjoy a meal together in an authentic setting. (24 hours) $200
02/04 - 05/05              6:30pm - 8:30pm      R
PER 819 33                18248


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