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How to Buy and Finance a Home
These sessions are designed to offer a wealth of information, tips and strategies in the home buying and refinancing process, especially considering recent opportunities created by auctions and foreclosures. The classes will cover all terms and options of financing real estate as well as credit issues. Also includes the details of FHA loans as well as demystifying the myths of reverse mortgages and a discussion to help prevent identity theft. $25

06/02 - 06/09          9:00am - 1:00pm          Saturday         Lowell         BEAUDION
PER 850 80              13881                          LP 407

06/04 - 06/11            6:30pm - 9:00pm         Monday          Bedford         BEAUDION
PER 850 30                 13882                         HH 113

Basic Home Electrical Repair
Would you like to make safe and simple electrical repairs in your home? This class will provide demonstrations and explanations of practical methods to repair or upgrade small/simple residential electrical problems generally not requiring a permit. Topics discussed will include: Electrical Code Requirements, Safety Issues, Equipment and Tools, Materials Fixtures, Receptacles and Switches. (9 hours) $99

06/12 - 06/26             6:00pm - 9:00pm           Tuesday          Bedford           CHAVIER
PER 853 30                  13895                          HH 220

Academic Time Management
Between sports and extra-curricular activities, along with the demands of technology, many middle and high school children today are overscheduled and are not learning the skills to balance their time demands without causing additional stress in their lives. This one hour workshop, devoted to parents, will help with more efficient routines and time management tools as a method of prioritizing your children’s academic needs more effectively. (1 hour) $25

06/06              6:00pm - 7:00pm             Wednesday        Bedford         BORZI
PER 901 30            13896                         HH 109

06/13              6:00pm - 7:00pm               Wednesday         Lowell           BORZI
PER 901 80             13897                          LC 206




Last Modified: 5/15/18