Personal Enrichment

An Evening of Mediumship
Laura Wooster is a gifted intuitive medium who delivers amazing messages of love and comfort from family and friends who have left this world.  Laura is well known for the gentle and compassionate way in which she delivers extraordinary detail of our connection to the afterlife.  We invite you to join Laura for this special gallery event to not only witness the miracle of spirit communication, but to learn more about how mediumship takes place and come to better recognize the various ways that spirit reaches out to each of us daily.  Laura will be joined by fellow intuitive medium, Gail Lachs, and together they will lead you through an evening filled with insight and inspiration, which will forever change your feelings about death and life.  You will leave feeling an empowering connection to spirit, and with a gentle shift in perspective that may open your mind and heart to the special ways in which your loved ones continually send their messages of connection and support.  Laura and Gail will be lecturing about how mediumship takes place and bringing messages from loved ones in Spirit for random members of the audience.  Not all in attendance will receive a message directly, but bearing witness to the many messages that will be delivered during this event will leave you with a renewed hope and spiritual connection. (2 hours) $35
05/12      6:00pm - 8:00pm     R     Bedford    WOOSTER & LACHS
PER 820 30      18306      CAFE  EAST, Campus Center, Building #8

Smartphone Photography
Are you wondering how to get the most from your smartphone camera?
In this class you will learn how to maximize the potential of these devices. Learn both the technical and artistic aspects of good smartphone photography and what you can do with some of its most popular photo apps.  Learn from a professional photographer how to take better photos with the camera that’s always in your pocket. Please bring your smartphone, charger and have your user name and password ready to add photo apps. (3 hours)  $59
06/14       6:00pm - 9:00pm   T     B     O’CONNELL
CAR 846 30  13532                NA 102           

06/28 6:00pm - 9:00pm   T     B     O’CONNELL
CAR 846 31  13533                 NA 102

Motorcycle Training - Now Offered at Middlesex Community College!
Learn to Ride a Motorcycle.  Pass the Course & Receive your License.  Novice to Expert Courses Available.  Motorcycles & Helmets are provided.  Additional Courses offered on a VESPA, CanAm Spyder, Trike or Sidecar. 

Topics covered:
challenge of motorcycling
motorcycle controls
rider & motorcycle preparation   
basic riding skills
street strategies       
advanced turning & braking techniques
ï special riding situations  
dangers of impaired riding
straight line riding         
turning, shifting & stopping
evasive maneuvers

Schedule and rates can be seen at   Registration is through Training Wheels Course/program takes place at Middlesex Community College, Bedford,MA campus. Questions: contact Marci Barnes at or 781-280-3669.

Writing Fiction for Children and Teens
This hands-on workshop with author Greg R. Fishbone will prepare you for writing, revising, and publishing middle-grade and young adult novels for children and teens. Students will learn new ways to generate story ideas, common conventions of genre and category, how to bring characters to life, how to guide a story from its dynamic opening to its satisfying conclusion, and how revision can make a good story into a great one. This course will also touch on aspects of developing a writing career: researching publishers, finding a literary agent, preparing query letters, and the possibilities of self-publishing. (16 hours) $279 

Instructor Bio:  Greg R. Fishbone is an author of books for young readers including the Galaxy Games series of sporty science-fiction for ages 9-12. He is a longtime member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and serves as Assistant Regional Advisor for New England. Visit his author site at
06/07 - 07/26     7:00pm - 9:00pm   T     B     FISHBONE
CAR 847 30  13537 HH 115     


Copy Editing Nonfiction
Want to update your writing skills, or find another avenue for income?  If you are interested in a career change or want to sharpen your writing and editing skills, copy editing may be the profession for you. Whether you are knowledgeable in history, math, parenting or fiction writing, there are editing opportunities out there.  Your instructor will cover the guidelines for copy editing as well as discuss resources to locate a job in this field.  Familiarity with English grammar is necessary to succeed in this course. (16 hours) $149
06/08 - 08/03     6:00pm - 8:00pm   W     B     SPENCER
CAR 617 30  13526 HH 113     
No Class 07/06


Stop Endlessly Redrafting Your Writing!
Having trouble rewriting draft after draft of your book? Whether a novel or a nonfiction book? Do you write and rewrite reports before presenting them to your boss? You are not alone. All writers often become so close to their writing that they cannot see the forest for the trees. This course discusses how you can get distance from your writing and what to look for when reviewing your drafts. Through class discussions we will identify helpful practices to follow when reviewing your writing. We will also review five essentials of good writing that you should check for in your drafts. You might just discover that you do not have to keep re-writing again and again.
(12 hours) $129
06/07 - 07/19     6:00pm - 8:00pm   T     B     SPENCER
CAR 832 30  13525 HH 114
No Class 07/05


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