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NEW!Crisis Communication Certificate Program
No organization, large or small, is immune to a crisis. During the last five years, reputation crises have escalated dramatically. Every employer and communications department should be concerned about their image and reputation. Crisis communications and planning is an important skill set often times lacking in many management teams. Crisis response and communications planning has become an increasing important fact behind the success of any organization, no matter its size, product or service, whether it be a hotel, social service agency, health care provider, bio-tech Company, house of worship or municipal agency. Participants may enroll in any or all modules listed below. Participants must complete all 6 modules for a certificate of completion.

Intro to Crisis Communications
Define the various types of organizational crises, how they occur and how a planned or unplanned crisis can quickly tarnish a long standing and well deserved image and reputation with examples of profit and nonprofit crises covered by the news media. Review how risk assessment and management can help prevent a crisis from occurring. (2 Hours) $51 05/27               6:00pm - 8:00pm         W      B          POZNIAK
CAR 926 30           14176                HH 115

How to Prepare Management for a Crisis
Review the composition and training for an organizations crisis management team and the creation of a crisis communications and response plan that a non-profit, corporate or municipal brand can use with speed and confidence to make it more resilient to a minor, moderate or major crisis. (2 Hours) $51
06/03             6:00pm - 8:00pm         W        B         POZNIAK
CAR 927 30        14177                 HH 115

Review and Analysis of Real Crises
A critical review of case studies of local and national crises, negatively impacting a number of differe
nt brands will be analyzed to determine what the brand did right and wrong during a high profile media covered crisis. (2 Hours) $51
06/10            6:00pm - 8:00pm          W         B        POZNIAK
CAR 928 30        14178                 HH 115

Media Relations During a Crisis
Learn how to address the news media, host a news conference and deal with instantaneous social media coverage. (2 Hours) $51
06/17            6:00pm - 8:00pm           W        B        POZNIAK
CAR 929 30        14179                 HH 115

How to Communicate to Stakeholders
Understand the importance of timely, regular and honest communications with various stakeholders, from employees and customers to local government and business leaders. Review elements of the Art of the Apology. (2 Hours) $51
06/24            6:00pm - 8:00pm           W         B         POZNIAK
CAR 930 30          14180                HH 115

Tabletop Crisis Drill
Participants will put the knowledge gained from the previous classes together. Participants will be given a crisis to address to test their understanding of crisis communications. (2 Hours) $51
07/08            6:00pm - 8:00pm            W          B             POZNIAK
CAR 931 30       14181                     HH 115

NEW Communications Certificate Program

In these rapidly changing and competitive times, every for-profit and non-profit organization should be concerned about how they communicate their image and reputation, products and services, to internal and external stakeholders.
The ability to communicate the right message to the right audience at the right time with the right communication tools is a valuable skill. This new certificate in communications program is a fast-paced way for students to increase their professional skill set with greater understanding of persuasive communications to meet your organizations internal and external communication needs across a variety of platforms.

By improving your strategic communications skills and learning effective communication strategies students will become more desirable candidates for professional growth and success. Participants may enroll in any or all modules listed below. Participants must complete all 6 classes for a certificate of completion.


Public Relation Principles and Case Studies
Define the practice of public relations and underscore its importance through case studies as a valuable and powerful communications tool for employers in the 21st century. Examine the requisites-both the technical and persuasive- that constitutes an effective public relations strategy. (2 Hours) $51

Measuring your Image through Market Research
Explore the phenomenon of public opinion, contemporary examples of it, and the areas that impact it and how it is formed. Examine how public opinion may positively or negatively impact a brands image, and how organizations may enhance their reputation through market research. (2 Hours) $51

The Power and Influence of Effective Media Relations
Discuss the bedrock importance of media relations as the most fundamental skill in public relations. Explore media communications is all its forms, print, broadcasting, and social media. To examine the value of publicity as more powerful and credible than advertising. Review the proper way of dealing with journalists. (2 Hours) $51

Integrated Marketing and Advertising
Review the integration of all forms of advertising, public relations, and social media to create a powerful marketing approach in promoting products, services and brands. Explore the distinction among advertising, marketing, social media and organizational communications. Review case studies of successful integrated campaigns. (2 Hours) $51

Employee & Community Relations
To discuss an often-overlooked but core critical constituency of employees and community leaders. To explore the philosophy of dealing with employees in an era of downsizing, meager revenue growth and decreasing morale. To illustrate how social media has complicated and made more challenging the function of communicating with employees. To discuss the best practice tactics of effectively communicating with the internal publics. Review the importance of showcasing your organizations commitment to be a good citizen in the community where you are headquartered as a way of generating goodwill from community stakeholders. (2 Hours) $51

Crisis Communications
No organization is immune from a reputation crisis. Students will be taught how to effectively evaluate and respond to a high profile crisis that negatively impacts the image and reputation of an organization, and the tools and strategies needed to defend a brand being investigated or targeted by the news media, special interest and community groups, activists, unions or legal and government investigators. (2 Hours) $51

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