E.S.O.L. and American Sign Language

Effective January 2022:  All students (including non-credit students enrolled in any on-campus courses or off-site clinical) will be required to provide Middlesex Community College proof of COVID-19 vaccination prior to coming on-campus.    

American Sign Language
Course emphasis will be on basic ASL vocabulary development and comprehension of basic grammar, adherence and focus on the manual alphabet (fingerspelling) of names, numbers, specific persons in one’s life and important places.  Students will exercise visual/gestural cues and non-verbal communication skills, as well as use of body language use.  During these ASL lessons and discourses, students will be strongly encouraged to incorporate facial expressions such as punctuation markers, adjectives/adverbs and questioning format.   Certification of completion attests that students are able to communicate in basic (or elementary) sign language with the use of fingerspelling, social survival sign vocabulary and simple phrases with an introduction to Deaf culture and community. *(12 hours) $179

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Theater for English Learners
This course uses theatre-based techniques (role-play, improvisation, storytelling, image theatre) as a tool to improve the student’s language skills in an interactive and engaging environment. It enhances learning through different learning styles and by drawing connections from the students’ own experiences. This course aims to make English language learning an exciting experience. Students will expand their vocabulary and gain confidence in using English in an everyday situation. (18 hours) $250
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Course Number: CAR 947 75      CRN: 20113
Professor: FISHER  

Noncredit ESOL Classes: 
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL) – Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

Middlesex Community College will be offering noncredit ESL classes at MCC's Bedford MA campus.

The noncredit ESOL classes at MCC will help you improve your English skills for everyday life, gain confidence, advance in your career, and begin to prepare for higher education courses.  
•  The classes are offered at the ESOL beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
•  Each level includes instruction in the four language skills:listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
•  Classes are being offered in the evenings and in person on the Bedford campus.
• Lessons are contextualized to meet the needs of the students.

Beginning Level ESOL – this noncredit class is for students who are beginning to learn English and have limited prior knowledge of the language. Classes include understanding main ideas of spoken English and working on simple tenses, spelling, sounds spoken.

Intermediate Level ESOL – this noncredit class emphasizes practice in speaking and listening skills, the development of reading comprehension and grammar skills as well as practice in writing complete, understandable sentences.

Advanced Level ESOL – this noncredit class includes a higher level of grammar, such as using various verb tenses as well as active and passive voices.  Students learn to write short paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details. An emphasis will be on speaking through conversation and short presentations.

Assessment – Prior to the start of the courses, Middlesex Community College will administer a mandatory skills assessment and intake session for all interested students. All students must be assessed before being placed in a class.

For more information as classes are posted, check the Community Education  https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/careertraining/default.aspx or contact Audrey at nahabediana@middlesex.mass.edu or 978-656-3174.  https://www.middlesex.mass.edu/careertraining/bedfordesol.aspx

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