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Colonial and Early America
Using a variety of media and sources, the course will cover the history and culture of colonial and early American, particularly in New England. Topics will include the founding of Plymouth, religion, relations with Native Americans, daily life and culture, the Salem Witchcraft Trials. This course will also include a field trip to Salem, Massachusetts. $125 tuition
Credits: Earn up to 15 educational hours (the equivalent of 1 credit)
09/29 - 11/3                  9:30am - 11:30am              F              B               BOTKER
PER 842 30                        17221                           HH-210

Christo Driving School Drivers Education Classes
Are you ready to get your Driver’s License? Christo Driving School, a certified driving school in Massachusetts, provides training on driving the right way. Driving the right way will save you thousands of dollars in insurance and will help you to avoid dangerous accidents and costly citations. A Driver’s License is a privilege that must be earned and it can be taken away if used recklessly. Christo Driving School Drivers Education includes 30 hours of class, 12 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation, 2 hour parent class required by the RMV and access to an Alternative/Off Hours Road Test. (30 hours) $850.00
Please note: In order to register you must contact Christo Driving School, Inc. directly  at (508) 481-6384 or
09/25 - 10/30                 5:30pm - 8:45pm                  M/W                   B
PER 797 30                       17197                    NA-211
No Class October 9

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