Au Pair Classes

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NEW Theater for English Learners
This course uses theatre-based techniques (role-play, improvisation, storytelling, image theatre) as a tool to improve the student’s language skills in an interactive and engaging environment. It enhances learning through different learning styles and by drawing connections from the students’ own experiences. This course aims to make English language learning an exciting experience. Students will expand their vocabulary and gain confidence in using English in an everyday situation. (18 hours) $250

10/05 - 11/02    6:30pm - 8:00pm             Tuesday/Thursday      Online -With Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 947 75                       CRN: 18242                Professor FISHER  

NEW Accent Reduction & Pronunciation

Proper pronunciation is the most important step in making English clear, concise, and easily understood. In this course, students will build on pronunciation skills by mastering word and phrase level pronunciation, including the proper articulation of individual sounds and word stress. Students will also improve the intonation and rhythm of their English. Required book for coures "English the American Way" Book Link (18 hours) $259

09/21 - 11/16    6:00pm - 8:00pm             Tuesday                     Online-With Class Meeting Times

Course Number: CAR 949 75                     CRN: 18238                Professor BENT   


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