For Students

If you are interested in an internship:

  1. Internship search process should start at least 3 months in advance, 6 months for competitive summer internship programs
  2. Create a profile in Optimal Resume
  3. Use the Optimal Resume program to create a resume if you don't have one already
  4. Search jobs/internships in Optimal Resume
    a. Employers are encouraged to post internships on this site
  5. Research other sites such as and have an idea of what you are looking to gain from this experience
  6. Make an appointment with Karen James at

Preparing for the Interview:

  1. Request a meeting with Melissa to do a mock interview
  2. Research the company and know why you want to intern there
  3. Dress professionally for your interview, business attire works best and keep it simple.
  4. Know yourself!
    a. What are your skills and strengths?
    b. What experiences have you had with teamwork, problem solving or leadership?

Preparing for the Internship Experience:

  1. Understand that this is a professional opportunity - treat it like your job, whether paid or unpaid
  2. Talk to everyone you can to learn about their career & educational pathways
  3. Ask for help when you need it
  4. Stay connected to your instructor or the Internship Coordinator
  5. Network!

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Karen James at

Last Modified: 7/27/18