For Faculty

Some programs at MCC require students to do an internship, however, most academic programs do not require one. Whether required or not, we encourage all students to explore the internship process after completing at least 24 credits to gain experience in the desired field. Most employers require that students have completed their first year in an Associate’s Degree program before applying for an internship.

To support a student exploring an internship, please encourage them to:

  • Go to the Career Services website to review the Internship manual for students
  • Go to Career Services website and click on Find Jobs
    • Create an account
    • Access the job board and resume templates
  • Contact the Internship Coordinator to explore potential sites and begin the process
  • Review the student manual

Faculty teaching an Internship Course:

If you are teaching an Internship course for your program, please familiarize yourself with the Internship Manual for Faculty. Use this guide as a reference but contact the internship coordinator if you have questions.


Tips for Faculty:

  • Required hours for the Internship vary by program, these are listed in the program guide
  • The site agreement form with learning outcomes can be found in the manual
  • The optimal resume program job board is a good place to start
  • Students may need to network and research internship opportunities if they don’t see anything on optimal resume


For more information, please contact Karen James at

Last Modified: 7/27/18