Career Exploration and Research

An important step in the career decision making process involves the active exploration of your academic/career options and opportunities. It is a time to investigate specific occupations in some depth—learning about the exact nature of the work, the skills and education needed, typical salaries and job outlook. As you research these various career paths, you’ll want to assess if these occupations and work environments are a good match for your skills, interests, and values.

Career Services offers you a variety of ways to research career options, and gain practical experience in order to test out your occupational interests including:

  • Access to current periodicals and specific career oriented books in our Career Resource Centers and the MCC Library.
  • Participation in informational interviewing opportunities with working professionals in your field of interest.
  • Participation for selected students in the Career Mentor Program.
  • Job listings that include access to summer jobs, internship and volunteer opportunities and full-time employment.
  • Access to extensive Internet sites appropriate to MCC academic majors.
  • Special career programs that feature working professionals from a variety of career fields.

The MCC Career Counselors are experienced in helping students and alumni assess their skills, interests, work values, and personality preferences. There are a variety of ways to begin the self-assessment process including individual meetings with a career counselor, completing interest inventories. Connect to the Career Research web site link to view the career exploration websites that may assist you with your career research.

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? Karen James, Career Counselor at or (781)-280-3639 

Last Modified: 8/15/16