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MISSION:  Career Services at Middlesex Community College envisions career development as a life-long learning process. Through self-assessment, thoughtful career exploration, experiential learning and the implementation of a career action plan, our program seeks to inspire students and alumni in learning about meaningful career paths. Through engagement with employers, faculty and professional affiliations we strive to prepare students to contribute to a global workforce.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate self-awareness and clearly articulate their career options and goals
  • Distinguish and apply skills, tools, and resources to help them at their stage of career development and workforce preparation
  • Review prior learning and its connection to their career development
  • Identify next steps in their career planning and development
  • Exhibit career readiness through the use of tools and guidance

Karen James, Assistant Director

Phone: (781) 280-3639
Email: jamesk@middlesex.mass.edu
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Catherine Cosgrove, Coordinator of Career Planning

Phone: (978) 656-3224
Email:  cosgrovec@middlesex.mass.edu
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Jessica Feiner, Program Specialist for Experiential Learning

Phone: (781) 280-3632
Email:  feinerj@middlesex.mass.edu
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Genevieve Morse

Genevieve Morse, Career Placement Coordinator

Phone:  (781) 280-3636
Email:  morseg@middlesex.mass.edu
Genevieve's biography

We are very pleased to announce that Genevieve Morse has joined us as a Career Placement Coordinator.  Genevieve has begun work with the Career Development Team to prepare our students for an ever-changing global workforce.  Collaborating with faculty, staff, and regional employers, she will create and support experiential learning opportunities whereby students will observe and practice current workplace behaviors while strengthening their essential skills and competencies.

Genevieve earned her BA in Intercultural Relations with a concentration in South Asian Studies from Salem State University and has an MS in Human Services from UMass Boston.  Her passion for public higher education is evident in her contributions spanning over more than a decade.  In addition to career counseling and training for career readiness, she will focus on supporting student exploration through the SPARK Career Discovery Program and Student Employment.

Last Modified: 1/8/20