Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Academy of Health Professions?

The Academy of Health Professions (AHP) provides entry level training opportunities for students interested in pursuing a health career.  It consists of two levels of training to students who would like to become Nursing Assistants, Medical Receptionists, Phlebotomists or Medical Secretaries.  In addition to academic coursework, students explore career paths to determine which profession best matches their interests and abilities.

Students achieve success through a variety of traditional and non-traditional courses, career counseling and support, tutoring, and hands-on experience in health careers.

What makes the program unique is that the academy offers many entry points during the year and the classes are offered in an accelerated format.  Rather than 15 week semesters students will take approximately 6 credits (2 courses) in an 8 week session and each certificate can be completed in 3 - 8 week sessions.

Small class size and dedicated advising helps ensure that students receive individualized attention and support throughout the program.

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How long does it take to earn a Certificate?

Each program held at the AHP runs part time during evening and Saturday hours and  will take you 27 weeks to complete.  Classes are held 6-8:30pm in the evening and 9am to 3pm on Saturdays.

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How do I earn a Certificate in the AHP?

Students who enroll in our Level I Certificate will train as a Nursing Assistant or Medical Receptionist, earning 18 college credits.  Once Level I is completed, or if a student has prior experience in a health career, students may enroll in Level II, where students are able to enroll in a Phlebotomy or Medical Secretary Training Program and earn 18-19 College credits or may seek employment .

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How do I enroll in the Academy?

In order to be admitted, and take classes in the AHP, you will need to contact the MCC Admissions Office at 978-656-3209.  The Admissions office will send you an application and certification form, as well as give you details so you can complete the admissions requirements.  See the link below for more details.

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Will I earn any certifications in these programs?

In the first level of the Academy, students who complete the Nursing Assisting Certificate are eligible to sit for the Nursing Assistant Certification Exam.  During the Nursing Assisting Training, students also earn a Home Health Aide Certificate are able to seek employment while still enrolled in courses.

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What's next for me when I complete the AHP?

Upon completion of our certificates, students can continue at MCC and work toward an Associate Degree in a Health Career Program or can enter the workforce.  With each certificate, students gain skills that prepare them for employment in their chosen health field.

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Getting Started at the Academy of Health Professions

Follow this link to the admission requirements for the academy certificate programs.

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Last Modified: 7/27/18