Other MCC Support Services

Don’t hesitate to contact your academic advisor. Your advisor can help you strategize and recommend other campus services to assist you. Other places where you can get extra support or advice:

Academic Support and Tutoring Program, Academic Centers for Enrichment - Students can receive tutoring in a variety of subjects and get study skills assistance. (781) 280-3591(B) or (978) 656-3358(L)

Academic, Career and Transfer Center - Academic advising, help with career decision-making, and information regarding transferring is available in this office. 1(800) 818-3434

Personal Counseling – Students can receive support to work on a variety of concerns such as test anxiety, motivation issues, personal problems and stress management. (781) 280-3630 (B) or (978) 656-3258 (L)

Disability Support Services – Students who are eligible to receive accommodations for physical, learning, psychological disabilities, and ADD/ADHD can receive information and support from staff in Disability Support Services. (781) 280-3630 (B) or (978) 656-3258 (L)

Financial Aid – Financial Aid Counselors are available to answer questions regarding your financial aid eligibility. (781) 280-3650 (B) or (978) 656-3242 (L)

Academic Progress Coordinator – For additional information about Academic Progress policies and procedures.

Last Modified: 2/19/21