How Do I Find A Major?

When deciding upon a major, there are 3 major steps that you should take in order to identify a major that is the right "fit" for you.

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Step 1. Learn about Yourself (Self-Assessment)
During this process, you should take some time to explore your personal, academic and career interests. Middlesex offers many resources to help you with through your self exploration process such as the online career assessment tool called FOCUS2 and career counseling.

Step 2. Research Your Options (Major Exploration)
You should learn about the different academic programs that are offered at Middlesex, their course requirements, and skills you will learn as a result of completing a degree or certificate program.

Step 3 Make a Realistic Decision (Declare Your Major)
The advising guides below contain self-assessment, career and transfer resources and activities designed to help you make an informed choice about your major and long-term career goals. When considering a major you should make sure that you have the personal characteristics and skills in order to be successful in your field of choice. After reviewing the advising guides, you should schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor to discuss your goals and major options.

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Last Modified: 10/28/21