Strategies for Success - Academic Alert Program

Middlesex is committed to supporting students as they work toward achieving their academic, career and personal goals. The Academic Alert Program is a program that works toward improving retention at the college by creating partnerships between instructors, academic counselors, and campus service departments.

SARS ALRT is the software that is used to support the Academic Alert program. The software enables email communication between instructors, students and campus service departments whenever a student is experiencing academic difficulty. The software supports the early alert intervention and referral process that has been designed to get students back on track.

The success of the Academic Alert Program very much depends upon the efforts of instructors, academic counselors and service departments working as a team to identify students who are at-risk for dropping out or stopping out of college and connecting them with the services that can help them to persist successfully until they have reached their goals at Middlesex.

Instructor Resources:
Course Syllabus Statement
Introducing the Academic Alert Program to your Class

Intervention & Referral Map
SARS ALRT Tutorial
Academic Alert Users Guide

Advisor Resources:
Adviser Guide for Support Services on Campus
Strategies for Success Plan

Bedford Campus Advisors:
Michael Rideout, Bedford Campus Coordinator, 781-280-3587
Althea Adlien-Wilks, Ext. 6061
Diane Malley-Parcella, 781-280-3628
Kirsten Morrow, 781-280-3619

Kimberly Kinsella, 781-280-3602

Esther Hochman, 781-280-3604

Lowell Campus Advisors:

Max Hallsett, Lowell Campus Coordinator, 978-656-3252
Ivette Caletz, 978-656-3214
Jane Fain, 978-656-3266
Reginald Nichols, 978-656-3227

Adrienne Ray, 978-656-3222

Questions about the Strategies for Success-Academic Alert Program?
             Contact: Alissa Mendes, Coordinator of Advising
             Office: 781-280-3616

Last Modified: 10/27/14