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Choose one of the following:
I graduated from high school before the year 2003.
I earned a GED.
I completed high school in the year 2003 or later and I met MCAS requirements.
I completed high school in the year 2003 and earned a Certificate of Attainment.
I graduated in the year 2003 or later from a school that did not require MCAS (only private or non-Mass schools.)

Race/Ethnic Group: answer both 1 & 2 below

This information, required of educational institutions by federal or state law, will be used solely for reporting purposes. You may voluntarily provide this information.

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If you are not a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident, please state your Visa or immigration status in detail:
Please check the in-state or reduced tuition eligibility category that applies to you:
I have been a Massachusetts resident for six (6) continuous months and intend to remain here.

As proof of my intent to remain in Massachusetts, I possess at least 2 of the following documents, which I shall present to the institution upon request. These documents* are dated within one (1) year of the start date of the academic semester for which I seek to enroll (except possibly for my high school diploma). The institution reserves the right to make any additional inquiries regarding the applicant?s status and to require submission of any additional documentation it deems necessary. Please check-off those documents you possess as proof of your intent to remain in Massachusetts.
Valid Driver's license Utility bills* Employment pay stub*
Valid Car registration Voter registration* State/Federal tax returns*
Mass. High School Diploma Signed lease or rent receipt* Military home of record*
Record of parents? residency for unemancipated person* Other

I am an eligible participant in the New England Board of Higher Education's Regional Student Program.
I am a member of the armed forces (or spouse or unemancipated child) on active duty in Massachusetts.

Certification of Information:
I certify that this information is true and accurate. I understand that any misrepresentation, omission or incorrect information shall be cause for disciplinary action up to dismissal, with no right of appeal or to a tuition refund.

Applicant Name: Date
Parent/Guardian Name(Applicant is Under 18 Years Old): Date


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