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Name: Anna Swanson

Picture of Anna Swanson

Major Program of Study:
Business Administration Transfer

Why Middlesex?
My brother attended MCC years ago and it seemed like a friendly place. When it came to my own college career, I realized Middlesex was the perfect bridge between high school and adulthood. The Bedford campus is so beautiful and the teachers love what they do.

Why business administration?I have always been interested in how a company runs, from top to bottom. It’s fascinating to see the effect one business or industry can have on the whole economy.

Favorite MCC class:
Principles of Marketing with Professor Bob Awkward. We studied different forms of marketing and advertisement. I was especially interested in the effect local cultures had on the branding of items.

Favorite MCC moment:
I have many, such as taking an Honors course and being selected to join the Paul H. Sullivan Leadership Institute. But my most favorite are moments when there was really nothing “educational” going on, like sitting in the courtyard with friends in the spring and early fall. I also like going to the many Enrichment Period programs, attending club meetings, enjoying Reiki treatments at the Wellness Fair, and etching glass during Stress-Buster Week. Those are the moments I will treasure as I leave this college and make my way into the world.

Future plans?
I hope to transfer to a four-year college to obtain my bachelor’s degree in business, then join an organization that makes a difference in the world. MCC’s Day of Service and other such programs have taught me the importance of community service.

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