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Name: Alvaro Sosa

Picture of Sosa

Major Program of Study:
Engineering Science Transfer

Why Middlesex?
I was not ready for a big school where professors might not have enough time for students. I felt Middlesex could help me succeed at the college level.

Why engineering?
First, I was a Liberal Studies major. Then, I selected Engineering Science because it was something that has always interested me.

Favorite MCC class:
Intro to Engineering because it led me to the field I really want to be in, which is civil engineering. Also, the professor was really cool and made the lectures and labs fun.

Favorite MCC moment:
Being in the Latinos Unidos Club. It’s a great way to show the college and the community how Latinos are striving for the “American dream” our parents always talk about.

Future plans?
Attend a four-year college and then get my master’s degree in civil engineering. I would like to own my own company some day.

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