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Name: Anthony Sallese

Pciture of Sallese

Major Program of Study:

Why Middlesex?
I chose Middlesex for the campus convenience and the affordable tuition costs. The Nursing Program has an excellent reputation in the healthcare community as well, so it was an easy choice.

Why nursing?
It is something that I have always wanted to do.

Favorite MCC class:
Anatomy & Physiology
because I love the subject matter and had a great professor.

Favorite MCC moment:
My community clinical rotations in the Nursing Program, they were an eye-opening experience.

Future plans?
My short-term plan after graduation is to study for my NCLEX exam. Long term, I will be working at Lahey Clinic on a medical surgical telemetry floor. I also plan to go on for my BSN at UMass Lowell.

Last Modified: 9/25/19