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Name: Doreen Deshler

Picture of Doreen Deschler

Major Program of Study:

Why Middlesex?
Because of the opportunity it gave me as a nontraditional, first-generation college student with limited income. It was an affordable choice for a good education.

Favorite MCC class:
All of them! I especially enjoyed History with Professor John Johnian. The professors are so great here, they really care about their students.

Favorite MCC moment:
Alternative Spring Break, working on a Habitat for Humanity project. I really enjoyed helping real people and giving something back to the community. That experience helped me feel better about the financial aid that I have been awarded.

Future plans?
Graduate with an associate degree in psychology, then transfer to UMass Lowell to pursue a master’s degree in psychology, and use that degree to help and work with children.

Last Modified: 8/2/21