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Name: Rosie Austin

Picture of Rosie Austin

Major Program of Study:
Liberal Arts & Sciences – Life Science Concentration

Why Middlesex?
I had heard good things about Middlesex. Then I visited the Bedford campus and was impressed. I enrolled right after that.

Why life science?
I want to go into research. This program enables me to take the classes I need to transfer to a four-year college and major in biochemistry.

Favorite MCC class:
I love Biology and Chemistry. I'm learning so much about DNA, cells and their chemical makeup.

Favorite MCC moment:
Being part of MCC's Student Union Government Association has taught me to be more diplomatic, as well as a better listener. Also, I learned so much about myself and the world around me by traveling to Belize as part of MCC's International Fellowship Program. That trip made me more appreciative of my family and friends, as well as the things I have at my fingertips, such as education and freedom.

Future plans?
I hope to transfer to UMass Boston and study biochemistry, then enter Northeastern University's Master's Physician-Assistant Program.

Last Modified: 8/2/21