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Name: Becky Lodi

 Picture of Becki Lodi

Major Program of Study:
Engineering Science Transfer

Why Middlesex?
MCC is close to my home and was the best choice for me, financially.

Why engineering?
I've worked and trained with engineers. Now, I would like to have the title and the skills.

Favorite MCC class:
Chemistry I for Science ­ – Although the class was extremely difficult, Professor John Savage had a way of lighting up the classroom, with his knowledge and his humor.

Favorite MCC moment:
I have two. The first was being asked to sit on the Veteran's Advisory Board as a Student/Veteran representative. Through this experience, I have had the privilege of helping start and operate Veterans Resource Centers on the Bedford and Lowell campuses.
The second was the night I learned I had earned a spot on MCC's China Fellowship Program. Also, because of that amazing trip to China, I was later asked to speak to the Middlesex Board of Trustees.

Future plans?
I hope to attend UMass Lowell and earn a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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