Vending Machine Locations

To obtain a refund for money lost please see the person responsible for that building.

Bedford Campus - Location Refunds

Academic Resources AR 1  -  Mary Ann Sullivan Room 113

Henderson Hall HH-3  - Diane Coakley Room 304

Bedford House B-5  -  No vending machine

North Academic NA-6  -  Diane Casey Mon – Thurs 8:30 am 12:30 pm

After 12:30 Nancy Sullivan B-4 Trustees House

South Academic SA-7  -  Nancy Sullivan (B-4 Trustees House )

Campus Center B-8  -  Debbie Jordon Room 206

Enrollment Center B-9  -  Denise Sullivan

Administration B-10  -  No Vending machines

Facilities B-11  -  Betty DiGangi Room 125

Lowell Campus - Location Refunds

Lowell Campus Cafe  -  Security Lobby

Derby Building 1st Floor  -  Security Lobby

Talbot Building Basement  -  Security Lobby

Last Modified: 3/20/18