Paralegal Syllabus Checklist




Including ABA requirements



Faculty Member: _________________________________________________________


Course Title and section: ___________________________________________________


Year and Semester: _______________________________________________________


_____ 1.   Instructor’s name, office location, and telephone number (either college, secretary or office)


_____ 2.   Course Title/Number/ Semester Hours (usually 3 for PL courses)


_____ 3.   General course description and prerequisites (according to college catalogue)


_____ 4.   All required texts and paperbacks, including information on publisher and edition used


_____ 5.   Instructional/course objectives list, including paralegal skills to be developed


_____ 6.   Teaching procedures/instructional methods, including processes for faculty-student and student-student interaction and feedback to students on tests, assignments, and other methods.


_____ 7.   Course topics and/or assignments and/or supplemental reading.  A detailed outline of subject area with a breakdown of time devoted to each major topic in increments of no more than three hours. Textbook chapters are not sufficient.


_____ 8.   Tentative test schedule/assignment schedule. A list of specific practical assignments in each course that develop paralegal competencies.


_____ 9.   Basis for student grading and criteria/methods for evaluating student performance, including the formula for calculating students’ grades from tests, assignments, and other factors.


_____ 10.    Attendance policy.


If any of the above are missing or if the evaluator has concerns, the unit member will be notified and given an opportunity to submit the missing materials and respond to the concerns within 14 calendar days.



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Last Modified: 9/18/19