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NISOD Excellence Award Recipients 2017
Jennifer D. Bauer
Assistant Professor of
I try to foster an open, inclusive
classroom environment that
encourages students to take risks. As
I say to all of my students, we don't
learn from getting it right, we learn
from getting it wrong. The important
thing is to get up and try again.
Stacie Hargis
Assistant Professor of Business
Preparing students to be competitive
in the 21st-century workforce means
shaping a mindset prepared to take
on challenges, spot opportunities,
and problem solve. As a facilitator of
learning, my goal is to provide real-
world activities that inspire students to
seek out knowledge on their own.
Linda Dart-Kathios
Professor of Mathematics
Teaching gives me the opportunity to
learn something new each and every
day, whether from my colleagues or
my students. I truly enjoy teaching
and cannot think of another profession
that is both satisfying and, more
importantly, has such positive impact
on the lives of others.
The National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Awards were established in 1991 to provide
NISOD-member colleges with an opportunity to recognize individuals doing extraordinary work on their campuses.
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