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Message from the President
Middlesex Takes the Lead
Middlesex Community College is all about leadership, with people
stepping up and stepping out on campus and in the community.
MCC is educating the next generation of leaders by providing
opportunities for students across the college. We also experience
exceptional leadership from our faculty and have outstanding leaders serving on our Board
of Trustees. And we are leading the way with notable community partnerships and nationally
recognized programs of study.
In this "leadership" issue, we explore the many ways our Student Engagement Offi ce generates
a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that promote leadership. We shine the spotlight on
four students ≠ Karonika Brown, David Germinari, Nelson Guevara and Nick Mozzicato ≠ who
have stepped up to play leading roles in unique ways on campus.
We also highlight a community partnership program that pairs Middlesex students with Lowell
High Schoolers. Our students are mentoring at-risk teens, encouraging them to fi nish high
school and continue on to college.
Associate Professor of Philosophy Carlos Brocatto leads in the classroom and in his department.
He has also been elected president of the MCC Professional Association, the local chapter of
the statewide faculty/staff union.
The MCC Board of Trustees, under Chairman James Campbell, welcomes two new members:
Alec Belanger and Cheryl Howard. All are invaluable community leaders.
Middlesex continues to lead the way with programs of study such as our Cybersecurity Program,
one of the fi rst community-college Information Technology programs to focus intensely on this
high-demand career fi eld.
These are just a few of the many ways Middlesex is taking the lead ≠ all for the benefi t of our
students and the community we serve.
All the best,
Dr. James C. Mabry
Middlesex President
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Dr. James C. Mabry
Board of Trustees
James J. Campbell, Chairman
Alec A. Belanger
Stephanie J. Cronin
Dr. Oscar S. DePriest
Tami M. Dristiliaris
Alexander Gounaris, Student Trustee
James G. Hicks
Cheryl E. Howard
Steven C. Iem
Bopha Malone
Annie O'Connor
Jennifer Aradhya
Kathy Register
Tura Linderholm and Jennifer Myers
Beth Jendro NoŽl
Jean Hammond, Nancy Roberts,
Lai-Man Wong and Lynda Zarrow
Tory Germann, Kevin Harkins
and John McKeith
Rebecca Parsons
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Spring 2017
Volume 19
Issue 2
On the cover: Student leaders (left to right) David Germinari, Karonika Brown and Nelson Guevara on the Lowell campus.
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